Genesis & Development

  • 1972 – The Directorate of Extension Education was started at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.1975 – Uzhavarin Valarum Velanmai
  • 1977 – 2019 – Krishi Vigyan Kendras (14 Nos.) of Tamil Nadu
  • 1978 – Radio Recording Studio
  • 1983 – Training Division
  • 1987 – Video Library (presently Educational Media Centre)
  • 2007 –  e-Extension Centre


  • The Directorate of Extension Education was started in the year 1972 for the planning and execution of programmes of extension work based on the results of research and work in cooperation with the technical Directorates of the University. The Directorate of Extension Education supervises and control all Extension Education activities of the University.
  • The Director of Extension Education is the Member Secretary of the Extension Education Council and formulates and present to Extension Council, policies and programmes of Extension Education activities of the University.
  • The Directorate of Extension Education, in close consultation with the Government Development Departments concerned and be responsible to provide them with the improved research findings of the University and in consultation with the concerned Government Departments cause to publish extension bulletins, circulars, news articles and press release which summarize important research findings of benefit to the farming community.


The Directorate of Extension Education coordinates the extension activities through Training Division,  Uzhavarin Valarum Velanmai, 14 Krishi Vigyan Kendras, Educational Media Centre, e-Extension Centre and Community Radio Station.

  • Training Division: Entrusted with the responsibility of organizing training programmes to the Extension functionaries and need based trainings.
  • Uzhavarin Valarum Velanmai: Publish Monthly Farm Journal in Tamil for educating farmers.
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendras: Technology Assessment and Demonstrationfor its Application and Capacity Development through On-farm testing; Frontline demonstrations; Trainings, provision of inputs and advisory to farmers.
  • Educational Media Centre: Disseminating technologies through Video, TV channels and other ICT tools and produce multimedia modules for transfer of technology.
  • e-Extension Centre: Disseminating technologies through ICT tools
  • Community Radio Station: Produce and disseminate agricultural technologies to the farmers.