Educational Media Centre

Educational Media Centre (EMC)

Technologies through Video, TV channels and other ICT tools and produce multimedia modules for transfer of technology 

  • Started on 01.04.1987
  • Production of Video films and modules in agriculture and allied subjects with telecast quality.
  • Video programmes for telecast through Doordharshan Kendra, Chennai
  • Agricultural Technology Videos on TNAU TV YouTube Channel.
  • Distribution of video modules to the developmental departments and farmers subsidized cost.
  • Production of video programme for Govt. of India, Stte Government, NGOs and Private Agencies on cost basis.
  • Documentation of Farmer’s Success Stories
  • Dissemination of video on Agro technology through social media.
  • Video recording of University activities / functions / workshops etc.,
  • Showcasing technology videos in exhibitions, farmer’s mela.