Completed Schemes

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“Standardization of the propagation techniques in kiwi under Kodaikanal environment”



Assistant Professor(Horticulture)

Dec’2017 to Nov’2021

Matured buds were recorded maximum sprouting (59.85%) than immature buds collected during the month of April.


 ICAR partly /fully financed schemes (from 1.4.2016 to 31.03.2019)

AICRP number Discipline Name of the experiment Name  and designation of the scientist incharge Results
ICAR/HCRI/KKL/FRU/2014/R001 Horticulture Outreach of technologies for temperate fruit crops




Final report was submitted and the salient findings were as follows:

i. Eight varieties of apple were evaluated under low chilling condition, all the varieties except Lal Ambri exhibited flowering and fruit set. The variety Mollies Delicious recorded the highest number of fruis/plant

Evaluation of the Walnut genotypes revealed that varieties CITH No.1and CITH No.5 shown better canopy growth. Maximum fruits were recorded in CITH No.5(8.0/tree)

Study on plant architectural engineering in Apple under Kodaikanal conditions revealed that Cordon and Head and Spread system was found to be good for growth parameters