Laboratory-1 no.

  • Equipment’s were available for analysis of soil for the students of RAWE programme, village study programme and study tour
  • Funds were allotted by the respected Vice-chancellor during his inspection to the station for improving the facilities in the laboratory
S.No Particulars
1. Soil testing laboratory – 1 no.

Equipped with flame photometer(1 no.), Autoclave(1 no.), Distill water unit, PH meter(1 no.)

2. Steam distillation unit – 1 no.
3. Canopy Analyzer –  1 No.
4. Farm

Nursery unit (mist chamber-4 no.), shadenet(2 no.), polyhouse(2 no.s), Glasshouse(1 no.)

Accessories: Mini tractor- (1no.), Auger (1 no.), Power sprayer (1 no.), Pole pruner(1 no.), Chain saw(1 no.)

5. Training Hall-1 No.

equipped with LCD projectors(2 no.s), chairs(100 no.s) and audio system(1 no.)