Crop Improvement

  • The grapes clone A – 18/3 was found to be superior in terms of the highest yield per vine followed by Red Globe and Manjari Medika respectively.
  • In respect of the quality traits, the variety Fantasy Seedless recorded the highest TSS (22.67oBrix) with the lowest acidity (0.502 %).
  • Five elite types of grapes var. Muscat Hamburg (Panneer) clones were identified (three from Theni and two from Dindigul districts).
  • Among the 121 grape accessions evaluated, early bud burst (14 days after pruning) was noticed in grape accession TGC-44 (Sauvignon Blanc). Highest leaf length (12.97 cm) and leaf area (204.78 cm2) were recorded in TGC-11 (Crimson Seedless). Whereas the maximum leaf breadth (16.97 cm) was observed in TGC-22 (Flame Seedless). Maximum cane thickness (2.58 cm) registered in TGC-53 (E-12/2). In grape accession TGC-2 (Medika), the petiole length was recorded to be the highest (8.37 cm).
  • Both the highest number of bunches per vine (67.33) and yield (10.77 kg vine-1) were recorded in grape accession TGC-56 (Sonaikodi Panneer) during the first pruning season, while the individual bunch weight (544.50 g) was the highest in TGC-23 (Madhu Angoor). The highest TSS (24.780Brix) was registered in the grape accession no. TGC-35 (Kishmish Bailey) whereas the lowest acidity value (0.64%) was recorded in the grape accession TGC-22 (Flame Seedless).
  • The accession viz., TGC – 1 (Clone A-18/3), Concord, Isabella, Covent Large Black, Bangalore Blue, Manjari Medika and Pusa Navrang were found to be field tolerant against downy mildew disease incidence.

Improved varieties identified for commercial cultivation in Tamil Nadu

Clone A – 18/3 Salient features
  • This clone is suitable for table purpose.
  • Amenable for double pruning and double cropping.
  • Medium sized bunches weighing 250 – 300 g.
  • Dark blue coloured oblong berries with rudimentary seeds or seedless.
  • Total Soluble Solids content: 18-  19Brix.
  • Yield: 18 – 20 tonnes ha-1.
  • Moderately field tolerant to downy mildew and berry shattering.
Red Globe
  • Characterized with prolonged juvenility.
  • Amenable for double pruning and single cropping.
  • Bunch weight: 600 g to 750 g.
  • Attractive pinkish red coloured berries.
  • Bold sized berries (>20 mm) with crisp pulp.
  • Fetches premium price in the domestic and export market.
  • Enhanced shelf life 20-25 days in ambient conditions.
  • Yield: 25 to 30 tonnes ha-1.

cropimprovement-grapes2Manjari  Medika


  • Suitable for juice making and table purpose.
  • Amenable for double pruning and double cropping.
  • Berries are attractive dark blue in colour with ashy coating.
  • Bunches are medium sized (250 g to 350 g).
  • Juice is teinturier with dark red colour.
  • TSS: 18-20oBrix.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants, phenols and flavonoids, pigments suitable for traditional medicines preparation.
  • Yield: 20 – 25 tonnes ha-1.
cropimprovement-grapes32 A Clone
  • This is a clonal selection from Thompson Seedless variety suitable for table and raisin making.
  • Berries take 130 days for maturity.
  • Berries are round and pale yellow in colour with crisp pulp, low water content and high TSS (20oBrix).
  • The special characteristic feature of this clone is self thinning and does not require GA3 treatment.
  • Yield : 25-30 tonnes per hectare.
cropimprovement-grapes4Sharad Seedless
  • This variety is a selection from Russian selection from Kishmish Chernyi suitable for table purpose.
  • Berries take 125 days for ripening.
  • Berries are attractive dark blue in colour ellipsoid berries with high crisp pulp, low water content and high TSS (18-20oBrix)
  • Yield : 20-25 tonnes per hectare
cropimprovement-grapes5Fantasy Seedless
  • This grape is a complex hybrid derived from a cross between B36-27 x P 64-18 at USDA Fresno, California.
  • Vines are vigorous require high sunlight exposure for adequate fruitfulness.
  • This variety does not require GA3 for thinning / sizing.
  • Berries are medium bold, deep purple to black, seedless, thin skin and firm and obovate in shape.
  • Clusters are medium in size, conical shape, and medium to loose in compactness with excellent flavour.
  • It is mid late ripening variety and takes not less than 130 days from pruning.
  • Late harvesting and excess soil moisture / humid conditions sometimes lead to berry

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