• Improving the productivity of maize under rainfed and irrigated conditions through release of hybrids and management technologies


To evolve single cross maize hybrids for higher yield under rainfed and irrigated conditions

To find out management technologies and plant protection measures suitable for the new hybrids for higher yield

About the station

  • Maize Research Station under the aegis of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University was established on 16th March 2007 at Vagarai in Palani Taluk, Dindigul District. Vagarai is situated at the centre of important towns such as Palani, Oddanchatram and Dharapuram. The station is located 15km away from Palani.
  • The research station is located at latitude of 10º57’ N, longitude of 77 º56’ E and altitude of 254m MSL
  • The station comprises of an area of 22.94 acres. The farm has both red soil and black soil.
  • The average rainfall in this area is around 600mm.
  • Maize Research Station focuses on the activities of maize research and extension by imparting training on maize production technologies to the farmers.
  • The station holds well equipped laboratory to carryout soil and plant nutrient analysis, entomology and pathology experiments.

Newly released hybrid VGI H1

  • The hybrid VGIH-1 (VaMH 12014 – 6938 kg/ha) with medium duration of 105 – 110 days is released for North Eastern Plain Zone IN AICRP during 2018.
  • It is a single cross derivative of UMI 1200 x VIM 357. Read more

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