Crop Improvement

Crop improvement

  • Rice, Arupadham kuruvai, sembizhipriyan, mattaikkar, ratuheenati and malayalaththan samba were identified as tolerant local land races in germplasm screening and suitable for futher breeding programme. Genotypes viz., Pungam, CBI 12593 and Arupadham kuruvai were found to be extra early genotypes for the samba season under direct seeded condition.
  • In Ragi, Promising culture PYR 009-04(CO 12 x TNAU 946) recorded average seed yield of 3660 kg/ha and proposed for testing in MLT.The entry KRI 014-3 (GPU 1219 x GPU 69) maturing in 100 days  recorded the average seed yield  of 3435 Kg/ha which  has 6.2 per cent increased seed yield over Paiyur 2 and14.8 per cent increased yield over GPU 28 and  was nominated for testing in IVT-during kharif 2016 and for testing in MLT 2016.The entry KRI 009-04 (CO 12 x TNAU 946 ) maturing in 105 days recorded average seed yield  of 3660 Kg/ha which is 10.7 per cent  increased yield over Paiyur 2 and 21.6 per cent  over GPU 28 was nominated for testing in AVT e & m and for testing in MLT 2016.
  • In Mochai, the Culture DPI 03-007 recorded a highest yield of 1016 Kg/ha (26.1% increased yield over CO 2. This culture was also evaluated in ART during Kharif 2014 and in MLT & this culture also showed increasing resistance for pod borer incidence. In the AYT trial (2016), the entry PYR 03-004 recorded the highest seed yield of 790 kg/ha (18.4 % increased yield over CO 2) and the highest green pod yield of 2900 kg/ha by Denkanikottai local. The culture PYR 03-004 were also tested in MLT 2016(3rd year of testing).The culture PYR 03-004 was nominated for testing in OFT(50 locations) in five districts viz., Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Vellore, Salem and Dindugal districts for Kharif 2017.
  • In Horse gram, In AYT, the culture CRIDA18 R and DPI 2278 recorded the higher grain yield than the check Paiyur 2 (682 and 627 kg/ha respectively) The percent yield increase over the check Paiyur 2 was 16.8 and 7.4.%. respectively. One early maturing culture KRI 2278 with 24 5 higher yield than Paiyur 2 has been identified for first year of testing in MLT .
  • Among the forty two Chilli germplasm screened and evaluated for rainfed cultivation the promising accessions viz., Sidlagatta local, S3 local, LCA 335, S2 local and S local recorded the highest mean dry fruit yield (Sidlagatta local 1.80 t/ha), (S3 local 1.79 t/ha), (LCA 335- 1.57 t/ha), (S2 local -1.45 t/ha), (S local -1.53 t/ha) compared to K1 and K2 recorded (0.68 t/ha and 1.24 t/ha) respectively. The oleoresin content was recorded more in the accession S local (13.80 per cent) while checks K2 and K1 recorded 13.07 and 11.90 per cent respectively.
  • Among 32 accessions of Custard apple, AS 5 (Krishnagiri -Thogarapalli )recorded the highest number of fruits (76) and yield per tree (12.12 kg) whereas AS 14 (Yelagiri 2) registered the greatest single fruit weight (173.5g/fruit), pulp weight (58 g/fruit) and TSS(22.30 brix).
  • Button rose types suitable for loose flower production under open cultivation were collected and evaluated at RRS, Paiyur revealed that the fragrance was deep in the accession Kashmir rose. With yield per plant (1.161 kg) and yield of 12.06 t/ha with highest Benefit Cost Ratio of 3.9 while the flower colour was bright in Five Star (Scarlet red).