Certificate Courses

Directorate of Open and Distance Learning has ventured to impart technical knowledge on agricultural based certificate courses to school dropouts, farming community, self help groups and other unemployed youth with a view to empower them for self employment. The courses viz., Coconut Cultivation Technology, Mushroom Production, Sericulture, Medicinal plants, Bakery and Confectionary Products,  Sugarcane Production Technology, Nursery Technology and propagation of horticultural crops, Organic Farming, Bee Keeping, Landscaping and Ornamental Gardening are being enrolled by more number of learners and are being offered at various centers of TNAU regularly. The eligibility for joining the certificate courses are 10th standard appeared. There is no age limit for registering the certificate course and medium of instruction is Tamil. Duration of the course in 6 months in which five practically oriented classes will be conducted and practical examination will be held in the sixth class. The contact classes will be held monthly once on Saturdays. The course fee for registering the certificate course in Rs. 2,500/-.


By undergoing the certificate courses, the learners could know about the advance and recent technologies to increase the production. The knowledge and gained will facilitate obtaining bank loans and to start self employment ventures.

  • Landscaping and Ornamental Gardening
  • Organic Farming
  • Sericulture
  • Modern Irrigation Management
  • Waste Recycling and Vermicomposting
  • Bee Keeping
  • Sugarcane Production Technology
  • Mushroom Production
  • Bakery and Confectionary Products
  • Coconut Cultivation Technology
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Repair and Maintenance of Farm equipments and Machineries
  • Nursery Techniques and Propagation of Horticultural Plants
  • Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Vegetable Seed Production
  • Cotton Cultivation Technology
  • Hybrid Seed Production Cotton and Maize
  • Flower Cultivation
  • Weed Management
  • Small Millets Cultivation and Value Addition
  • Handling of Chemicals and Toxic Substances
  • Fodder Production
  • Seed production in rice and maize
  • Certified seed production in vegetable crops
  • High density planting, fertigationand orchard management in major fruit crops
  • Preparation of Agri-business Plan (In English)
  • Management of Farmers Producer Companies
  • Integrated Farming System (IFS) suitable to Dharmapuri district
  • Ethnic Veterinary Practices (EVP) used for common livestock and poultry disease
  • Seed Production techniques in Cotton
  • Farm waste management for dry and arid zones for enhanced soil health
  • Hybrid Seed Production in Maize
  • Skill Empowerment for Plantation Supervisors
  • Veeduthorumvivasayam
  • Certificate courses for NGOs for their livelihood
  • Know how on Hill Horticultural crops
  • Tea Plantation Techniques
  • Kothari Agricultural Management Centre, Coonoor)
  • Agri based Textile Finishers for Entrepreneurship Development
  • Forestry Plantation Technology
  • Industrial Agro-forestry

Details of the courses

Eligibility  : 10th Standard appeared

Medium : Tamil

Duration : 6 months

Age Limit  : Above 18 years

Contact Classes  :  Monthly Once (On Saturday)

Eligibility : 10th Standard appeared

Course Fees  : Rs. 2,500/-