Dr. A.S. Krishnamoorthy, Ph.D.,

Deputy Registrar

Deputy Registrar (Administration),
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Coimbatore – 641003

Deputy Registrar (Education),
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Coimbatore – 641003

Dr. M.Asokhan
Deputy Registrar (Affliation),
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Coimbatore – 641003

Deputy Registrar (Administration), Office of the Registrar, TNAU, Coimbatore

Recruitment Section

  • Appointment of University Officers
  • Recruitment of entry level posts of Teaching / Non-teaching
  • Compassionate ground appointments
  • Conduct of interview for the placement / elevation in respect of teaching staff under Career Advancement Scheme
  • ASR amendments and correspondence
  • Conducting of Board of Management meetings
  • Purchase of lands / buildings / vehicles / other immovable properties / maintenance of land documents / MoU’s
  • Space allotment / vehicle allotment
  • Permission to authors for writing and publishing books
  • Correspondences related to Service Association of TNAU staff
  • Constitution of Committees for specific purposes and preparation of report

Establishment Section

  • Regularisation of entry level posts [all Non-teaching staff]
  • Declaration of probation [Teaching staff]
  • Transfer and Postings [Teaching and Non-teaching]
  • Promotions for all Non-teaching categories
  • Pay fixation approval for Teaching staff
  • Elevation of Selection grade / Special grade for all Non-teaching categories
  • Permission for higher studies for all categories / Post Doctoral Fellow [Teaching]
  • No Objection Certificate to get passport
  • Permission for personal visit to foreign countries for all categories
  • Deputing the scientists to attend Symposium / workshop / short course outside the country
  • Permission to attend Training of 21 days & above within India
  • Preparation of Number statement and sending to the Government
  • Deputation / Voluntary Retirement / Resignation  for all categories
  • Preparation of data for all categories


To impart education in various branches of agriculture and allied sciences & technologies as the university may determine.

Academic Council

To achieve the mission of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Academic Council is the academic authority of the University and responsible for the maintenance of the standards thereof.

Powers and Duties of the Academic Council

  • To exercise general control on teaching and other educational programmes and maintain and promote the standards thereof
  • To make regulations and amend or repeal the same;
  • To make regulations regarding;
    • The admission of students to the University and the number of students to be admitted;
    • The courses of study leading to degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions; and
    • The conduct of examinations and maintenance and promotion of standards of education
  • To advice the Board on all academic matters including the control and management of libraries;
  • To make recommendation to the Board for the institution of Professorship, Readership, Assistant Professorship and other teaching posts including posts in research and extension education and in regard to the duties thereof;
  • To formulate, modify or revise schemes for the constitution or reconstitution of departments of teaching, research and extension education;
  • To make recommendation to the Board regarding post-graduate teaching, research and extension education
  • To make recommendation to the Board regarding the qualification to be prescribed for teaching and extension staff in the University.
  • To make recommendation to the Board for the conferment of honorary degrees or other distinctions;
  • To exercise such powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the statutes.

In addition to the powers and duties mentioned in the Act, the Academic Council shall have the following powers;

  • To make recommendations to the Board to conduct Convocations for the conferment of degrees;
  • To make recommendations to the Board for the conferment of Honorary degree of Doctor of Science and other academic distinctions;
  • To make recommendations for the creation of additional faculties when found necessary, for the approval of the Board;
  • To make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor to modify the Regulations regarding admission of students into the University;
  • Provided the modifications are made in conformity with the rules and regulations of the Government that are already in force and that may be issued from time in this regard;
  • To make recommendation for the approval of the Vice-Chancellor regarding the fixation, payment and receipt of fees and penalty for non-payment in time by the Students of the University;
  • To constitute committees for the institution of scholarships, fellowships, studentship, medals, prizes, grants-in-aid, etc. and to formulate Rules for such award from time to time
  • To decide the admission strength for various disciplines.

Award of Degrees and Diplomas

  • The Academic Council shall recommend to the Board the award of Degrees, Diplomas and other Academic Distinctions, the procedure for which shall be as approved from time to time by the Academic Council.

Activities @ Education Section

      • Academic Council
      • Creation of New Endowments
      • Recognition Committee
      • Constitution / Re-constitution of Board of Studies (all faculties)
      • Result declaration : UG / PG / PhD / Diploma / ODL
      • Issuing Provisional Degree Certificates: UG / PG / PhD / Diploma / ODL
      • Deputation of course Teachers
      • Certificates : Genuineness Verification
      • Transcript Card Verification : UG / PG / PhD
      • Official Attestation
      • Migration Certificate : UG / PG / PhD
      • Bonafide / Medium / NOC Certificates
      • Collection of Statistics – Students admission details
      • Correspondence with ICAR, UGC, TN Government, etc. in respect of Education
      • Top Level Management Meeting
      • Anti-ragging report to Government
      • Assembly and Parliamentary Questions
      • All matters connected with conduct of Annual Convocation.
      • Issuing of Degree Certificates
      • Issuing of Duplicate Certificates
      • Reimbursement towards full fee concession granted to SC/ST students.
      • Reimbursement of tuition fee, Special fee, Hostel fees to the Children of deceased Government Staff studying in TNAU Colleges.
      • Fee concession to the students of the First Graduate families.
      • Fee concession to Top Ten Rank Holders under “Free education to the students from the families without graduate scheme”.
      • Admission strength and communal reservation of U.G. courses.
      • Convocation Awards
      • TNAU Scientist / NSS / Seed Awards (Foundation Day)


      1. Fee for Regular and Duplicate Certificates 
S.No. Name of the Certificate Amount (₹)
1. Provisional Certificate

To be paid during the start of final Semester

2. Migration Certificate

To be paid and submitted along with PC copy

3. PC & Diploma Certificate

Fee for both PC and Diploma to be paid

4. Degree Certificate through Convocation 1800
5. Duplicate Degree / Diploma Certificate* 1000
6. Fee for Name Change in accordance with Government Gazette 750
7. Duplicate Provisional / Migration Certificate* 1500
8. Official Attestation of Degree / Transcript Card / Provisional Certificate [per copy per certificate]** 300
9. Certificate Genuineness Verification [per candidate] 1000

*     For the duplicate certificates, the documents mentioned in the Annexure – I are to be submitted along with the request letter and online payment receipt to the Registrar.

**   For official attestation of certificates please follow the procedure provided in the Annexure – II.

      1. Search Fee for Candidate who apply for Degree Certificate after five years from results declaration (i.e. apart from collection of Convocation Application Fee in force)


Name of the Certificate Amount (₹)
1. From 6th Year of the date of declaration of result to 10th  year 1500
2. From 11th year to 15th year 2000
3. From 16th year onwards 3000

The above fees to be paid only online through SB Collect by using the link



List of enclosures to be submitted to the Registrar, TNAU, Coimbatore.

      1. Request letter addressed to the Registrar
      2. Affidavit to be executed in the 20 Rupees Stamped paper (Appended Specimen)
      3. News paper cutting of notification of missing certificate.
      4. Original F.I.R Copy obtained from Police Officials.
      5. Original Non traceable certificate obtained from the Thasildhar of the Locality
      6. Photocopy of the Provisional certificate.
      7. Fee of Rs.1000/- (One Thousand only) through online to Comptroller, TNAU Coimbatore-3.
      8. The payment has to be paid through SB Collect online portal using the following link
      9. Select “DUPLICATE DEGREE CERTIFICATE (UG/PG/PhD/DIPLOMA)” category to pay the fee.
      10. Two passport size photographs of the candidate.

Search fee to be paid along with Duplicate Certificate Fee of Rs.1000/-

Upto 5 years                    =             Nil

6th to 10                            =             Rs.1500

11th to 15th                       =             Rs.2000

Above 16 years               =             Rs.3000




Form of Affidavit to be furnished in a stamp paper worth of Rs.20/- by the student of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University for obtaining a Provisional Certificate / Duplicate Transcript Card/Certificate of having been admitted/Duplicate Diploma Certificate/Duplicate Migration Certificate


Know all men by these presents that I, Thiru/Tmt./Selvi*__________________________ ______________________________S/o/D/o/W/o * Thiru ______________________________ _____________________ residing at _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ do hereby declare the following facts to the best of my knowledge and belief for obtaining a Duplicate Provisional Certificate / Duplicate Transcript Card/Certificate of having been admitted / Duplicate Diploma Certificate/Duplicate Migration Certificate from the Registrar, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore – 641 003.

Whereas I was a student of the ______________________________ (name and place of the Institution) studied ________________________ (mention the Degree Course) during the year ________ to _______ and completed my studies during the month of _________________ (year) .  My identification No. was _________________ .


Whereas I have already received the original Provisional Certificate/ Transcript Card/ Certificate of having been admitted / Diploma Certificate/ Migration Certificate from the Registrar, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore – 641 003 and that the original document referred to above has been lost/damaged/spoiled* __________________________ (mentioned the actual cause such as “transit/fire/ flood, etc.”).


Whereas I do hereby appeal to the Registrar, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore that I may kindly be caused to be issued a Duplicate Provisional Certificate / Duplicate Transcript Card/Certificate of having been admitted/Duplicate Diploma Certificate/Duplicate Migration Certificate as per the terms and conditions stipulated therefor by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

And whereas, I do solemnly promise that the Duplicate Provisional Certificate / Duplicate Transcript Card/Certificate of having been admitted/Duplicate Diploma Certificate/Duplicate Migration Certificate issued by the Registrar, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore will be utilized only for genuine purposes and even if the original is recovered at a later stage, that will not be utilized and that the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University may take any action as it deem necessary to the extent of withdrawing the degree/diploma awarded to me besides initiating legal prosecution against me for having misused the duplicate document referred to above, if found at any time.

Signed, sealed and delivered by the above said person in the presence of ____________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Name and designation of the Officer of grade A or B of the State/Central Government) on this ______________ day of _______________ .




Signature                                                                                                        Signature of the applicant

Name and Designation of

the Officer of Grade A or B of the

State/Central Government


Procedure for applying official attestation

To issue the official attestation for the certificates, the following documents to be submitted to The Registrar, TNAU, Coimbatore by POST or COURIER or in person

      1. Request letter addressed to The Registrar, TNAU, Coimbatore
      2. Photo copies of your Provisional / Degree / Transcript card  in duplicate (should be clear and legible).
      3. Copy of the online payment receipt.

Official attestation fee of Rs.300/- per copy per certificate.

The payment has to be paid through SB Collect online portal using the following link;

by selecting the category :  “CERTIFICATE  ATTESTATION”

    1. One A4 size envelope superscribing the complete address of the University / Institute /WES to which the attested copies to be submitted.
    2. Since, there is no provision to send the sealed envelope directly to the University / Institute / WES from TNAU, you have to collect yourself or authorize someone with an authorization letter to submit the above documents to the Registrar and to collect the sealed envelope in person.

Office of the Deputy Registrar (Affiliation) 

To co-ordinate all the activities related to affiliation and maintenance of standards, a separate unit headed by Deputy Registrar (Affiliation) in the office of the Registrar has been formed during 2016.  There are twenty eight (28) private Agricultural / Horticultural colleges affiliated to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University offering B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture and B.Sc. (Hons.) Horticulture.  Besides, the Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT), Thanjavur offering B.Tech in Food Process Engineering, seven Diploma Institutes offering Agriculture subjects and one offering Horticulture subjects are affiliated to TNAU.

Application submitted by any Trust / Society which desires to start a new Agricultural / Horticultural College / Diploma Institute will be processed based on the Handbook of Rules for establishing Agricultural / Horticultural Colleges / Diploma Institutes. Deputy Registrar (Affiliation) looks after the scrutiny of application and request the Standing Committee constituted by the University to inspect the premises of the proposed college and verify the fulfillment of conditions prescribed in the Handbook of Rules.

Upon satisfaction, the observations / recommendations will be placed in the Academic Council and Board of Management meetings.  Pursuant to the recommendation of the Board of Management, the University will forward the proposal to the Government for issuance of ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) to start the College / Institute.   Consequent to the issuance of NOC by the Government, an order of affiliation will be issued by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore and an MoU is to be executed, which can be renewed once in four years.  As per the rules and regulations of TNAU, the students are admitted both under Single Window System (65% of total strength) and under Management quota (35%) (in respect of minority institutions the ratio is 50 : 50) and I.D.numbers are allotted to the admitted students. The Standing Committee nominated by the University visits all the Private Affiliated Agricultural / Horticultural Colleges / Diploma Institutes, once in a year to verify and report about infrastructure and facilities to assure quality education.

The privileges conferred on a college by affiliation is liable to be withdrawn in part or in full, suspended or modified, if the college, on due enquiry, is found to have failed to comply with any of the provisions of the Act, the Statutes, the Ordinances, the Rules and Regulations or any other direction or instruction of the UGC / University / Statutory / Regulatory body concerned or failed to observe any of the conditions of affiliation or has conducted itself in a manner prejudicial to the academic and administrative standards prescribed by the University.

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