Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII) sponsored IEDP- Agri Hub

Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII) sponsored IEDP -Agri Hub was established at Agricultural College and Research Institute, Coimbatore on 29th September 2022.


1. to create a positive and dynamic entrepreneurship and Innovation ecosystem within
and around higher education institutions

2. to build entrepreneurial and innovation competencies of faculty, students and alumni

3. to support growth and graduation of new high impact enterprises of students, alumni
and locals

4. to incentivize and support creation and commercialization of intellectual property


1. College Entrepreneurial & Innovation Ecosystem Development

• Top management orientation workshop
• Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation cell faculty development training – Induction
• Annual workshops for Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation coordinators
• Annual workshop for college E-club champions
• Regional Ideation contests
• Management and Faculty training program within college
• Formation of Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation council

2. Faculty and Student Entrepreneurship Competency Development Processes

• Allocation of office bearers on each year
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation cell formation
• Student E-club formation activities
• Mandatory course on Entrepreneurship and Innovation with credits for participation
• Incubation facilities (Start-up space for students and alumni, internship for students in incubated companies)

3. Faculty and student Innovation Promotion processes

• Incentives and positive climate for faculty and students to be creative, ideate, prototype and commercialize IP through the instrument of the college E & I and IP policy
• Innovation spaces within colleges (Fablab or hacker spaces with freedom to create and experiment)
• Creation of IP form R & D labs to focus on applied and translational research and geared to generate socially relevant innovations and patents
• Commercialization of patents already developed through business incubated in campus or joint ventures with outside entrepreneurs
• Tie up with local industry especially MSMEs, prepare and implement joint research projects of mutual benefit

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