Private Seed Sector Research and Technology Consortium

TNAU has evolved many high yielding hybrids in agricultural and horticultural crops. In order to popularize the hybrids and to reach the farmers in large scale throughout the state and India in a shorter time, TNAU has involved in commercialization of the hybrids to public and private seed producing organizations. To facilitate this, TNAU has created “TNAU – Private Seed Sector Research and Technology Consortium” (TNAU – PSSRTC) in the year 2008 where in public and private seed companies are members. Presently, 34 private and public seed companies are members in the consortium by paying Rs. 1.00 lakh + 18 % GST as membership fee. License fee and royalty are collected for commercialization of TNAU hybrids and the license is given on non- exclusive basis through MoU.

Services provided to the TNAU - PSSRTC members are

Supply of TNAU hybrids for commercialization after paying lisence fee fixed by TNAU and signing MoU.

Supply hybrid seeds of TNAU to member seed companies on cost basis to test their performance in various desirable locations.

Technical consultancy on hybrid seed production on cost basis is provided by the TNAU.

Training on seed production technologies of licensed hybrids to the license holders

Organizing seminars / workshops / conferences pertaining to seed production, marketing and business management on payment of registration fee.

Utilize the services of executives and technologists in seed consortium for guest lecture, training programmes and certificate courses.

Promotional activities

Organized “Field Days” on 01.10.2019 and 14.09.2022 at TNAU, Coimbatore in which 140 Seed companies, Officials from Directorate of Seed Certification and TNAU Scientists were participated.

Conducted Virtual exhibition cum webinar from 19.12.2020 to 22.12.2020 in which 67 Executives from private seed companies and 47 TNAU scientists were participated.

Conducted VGD-1 Rice market promotion meet on 09.12.2020 through online and offline wherein 115 rice growing farmers, traders, mill owners, exporters and TNAU Scientists were participated.

Hybrids and varieties commercialized through this consortium

As on 2022, six TNAU hybrids comprising rice and its genotypes, maize and bhendi have been licensed to eight seed companies within the country from which Rs. 50.00 lakhs was collected towards license fee and Rs. 42.41 lakhs as royalty till date. License has also been given for clonal multiplication technique of Melia dubia MTP 2 to ten firms and Casuarina MTP 2 to one firm. 


Name of the Hybrids

Name of the Member Seed Companies



Three rice genetic stocks

M/s. Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Attur, Salem



Maize – COH(M) 8

Bioseed Research India, New Delhi



Maize – COH(M) 9

M/s. Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Attur, Salem



Maize – COH(M) 8

M/s. Proline Seeds Company (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi



Maize – COH(M) 8

M/s. Trimurti Plant Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad



Rice – CORH 4

M/s. Dinakar Seeds Pvt Ltd, Gujarat



Maize – COH(M) 7 & COH(M) 8

M/s. Karnataka State Seed Corporation Ltd., Bengaluru



Rice – CORH 4

M/s. Trimurti Plant Sciences Pvt, Ltd., Hyderabad



Rice – CORH 3

M/s. Rasi Seeds Pvt Ltd, Attur, Salem



Rice – CORH 3

M/s. Metahelix Life Science Pvt Ltd, Bangalore



Rice – CORH4

M/s. Rasi Seeds Pvt Ltd, Attur, Salem



Okra – COBhH 1

M/s. Kirtiman Agro Genetics Ltd., Aurangabad


Signing of MoU between TNAU and M/s. Proline Seeds Company (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi for the licensing of Maize hybrid - COH(M) 8

Signing of MoU between TNAU and M/s. Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Attur for the licensing of rice genotypes

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