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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has a well established research system which leads to development of many technologies for crop, soil, water, pest and diseases, machineries and agricultural inputs. The University has multi specialized scientists with adequate experience in research and extension activities. Scientists need to have business orientation so as to develop innovative products to meet the market requirements. In this regard, as a support service for technology development and adoption in agriculture, ABD – TNAU identifies farm innovations and helps the innovators in development and standardization of products, field testing and commercialization and capacity building with regard to technologies and managerial aspects for establishing agribusiness. The Directorate of Agri Business Development (DABD) enables short term technical consultancy for prototype development, preparation of detailed project proposal and market research etc., for private and governments agencies. For providing consultancy services, the guidelines / norms have been developed by this Directorate with the approval of the University.

Under consultancy programme, the faculty members of TNAU provide knowledge and professional services in all agricultural related aspects to industry and other organizations. A consultancy project is one where faculty members of TNAU provide knowledge and intellectual inputs (within India and abroad), primarily for their purposes and or professional services in terms of scientific, technical, engineering or other agricultural related aspects based on expert on knowledge and skill to industry or other organizations (within India and abroad), primarily for the purposes of the clients.

Consultancy services are rendered on the following

i) Preparation of literature / survey / feasibility studies / state of art project proposal / forecasting / evaluation reports.

ii) Interpretation of test results and data, advising on risks and hazards or similar skilled advice.

iii) Advisory tasks in preparation, evaluation and implementation of a project.

iv) Advisory tasks in design engineering related to agriculture and allied sciences.

v) As Assistance in management of biotic and a biotic stress issues and other problems.

vi) Tech Technical advice in the form of one time assistance to help in trouble shooting or problem solving, including pilot plant / upscaling trials for technology validation and commercialization in agricultural and horticultural sectors.

So far 13 consultancy services worth Rs. 69.92 lakhs were provided through this Directorate.

Consultancy Services Offered by this Directorate


Name of the Scientist

To whom Consultancy Offered

Title of the Project


Dean i/c, SPGS,
TNAU, Coimbatore

M/s. Jayanthi India Products Limited, Kinathukadavu, Coimbatore

Post management of spice storage


Asst. Prof. (Agrl. Econ.) AC&RI, Killikulam

Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines

Climate adaptation through sub-basin development (Cauvery delta region): National climate change specialist


Asst. Prof. (Agron.)
Agro Climate Research Centre, TNAU, Coimbatore

TAWDEVA (Tamil Nadu Water Shed Development Agency), Chennai 

Climate analysis


Prof. (Agron.)
Agro Climate Research Centre, TNAU, Coimbatore

Directorate of Agriculture, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Administration

Establishment of Andaman Nicobar Agricultural Weather Network and Agro Advisory Service.


Prof. (Pl. Path.), TNAU Coimbatore

M/s. Swiss Contact, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Commercial production of Trichoderma


Principal Investigator

Prof. (SWCE) – PI


Co-Principal Investigator

Director, WTC,   

World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature – India in collaboration with ITC

Vegetation modeling for developing water security plan in upper Bhavani basin


Asst. Prof. (Agron.)
Agro Climate Research Centre, TNAU,Coimbatore

NAF (National Agro Foundation), Chennai

Climate cell establishment and weather based agro advisory modules development


Principal Investigator

Prof. (SWCE) – PI


Co-Principal Investigators

Director, WTC,   

 ASP, AEC&RI, Coimbatore

M/s. ITC Limited, Kolkata  

Sustainable agricultural development with emphasis on water demand management in Bhavani river basin


Director, ABD, TNAU, Coimbatore

M/s. Farmgate India, Chennai

Sustainable agricultural development withemphasis on water demand management in Bhavani river basin
e-commerce platform and partners for cold storage and logistics for delivery of vegetables & fruits to consumer


Team Leader
Dr. K. Mahendran
Professor (ARM)

Team Members
Dr.N.Venkatesa Palanichamy
Professor &Head (ARM)

Dr.S. Moghana Lavanya
Assistant Professor

Associate Professor


Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

State Development Policy Council, Chennai

Economic Impact of poultry development scheme on the Livelihood enhancement of the beneficiaries and promotion in entrepreneurship in rural areas in Tamil Nadu


Team Leader
Director (CARDS)

Team Members
Dr.D.Suresh Kumar,
Professor and Head, 
Department of Agricultural Economics

Professor (IPMC)

Project Director, IFAD Assisted PTSLP, Government of Tamil Nadu,  Chennai.

Consultancy project on impact evaluation of joint liability groups, patient capital assistance and BDCs in six coastal districts of Tamil Nadu


Team Leader

Dr.S.Varadha Raj
Associate Professor (Ag. Economics),
Department of Social Sciences,
HC & RI,


Team Member


Professor and Head,

FC & RI, Mettupalayam

The Srinivasan Service Trust (SST), Social Arm of TVS, Jawadhu hills, Jamunamarathur, Thiruvannamalai

Impact assessment of WADI-I project in Jawadhu hills’, Thiruvanamalai


Dr. V. Geethalakshmi, Director, Directorate of Crop Management, TNAU

Dr. B. Krishnaraj Foundation, Coimbatore

Increasing accuracy of paddy yield prediction in the cauvery river basin, using spatial methodologies through machine learning, data integration and automation


Principal Investigator Dr.A.Raviraj, Professor & Head (IDE)


Co-Principal Investigators

Dr.M.Manikandan, Assistant Professor (SWCE)


Dr. M.Angaleeswari, Teaching Assistant

ITC Ltd., PSPD, Coimbatore

Land reclamation study at the water-logged and salt affected areas in upper Bhavani river


Principal Investigator

Dr.V.Ravikumar, Professor, WTC


Co-Principal Investigators


Dr.S.Panneer Selvam, Director, WTC


Dr.G.Thiyagarajan, Assistant Professor, WTC, TNAU, Coimbatore

ITC Limited, 


Water efficient techniques and practices in major crops identified in the upper Bhavani river basin

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