Scientific Manuscript Editing & Publication Cell (SMEP)

To make PG students to write thesis which will be totally competitive and publish in the better journals it is necessary for the establishment of this wing which will undertake language editing and technical editing for the research papers prepared by the students for publication in peer reviewed journals.  A separate wing on Scientific Manuscript Editing & Publication Cell (SMEP) was established at the School of Post Graduate Studies.

And also, to improve the student thesis standard and to avoid duplication of research work, a centralized Anti-plagiarism check for post graduate students was introduced and this task was continued through Scientific Manuscript Editing and Publication (SMEP) Cell by “Turnitin i-thenticate Urkund” software’s. The maximum permissible level of plagiarism for the master’s and Doctoral students is 30%. If the similarity level is more than 30%, the students can re-submit their manuscripts to a maximum of four times. The students / faculty research articles can also be checked by using this software.

Industrial Linkage, Patenting and Global Affairs Hub

Students will find it simpler to submit patent applications, connect their ideas with markets, and promote them through to the establishment of the Industrial Linkage, Patenting and Global Affairs Hub (IPGAH). Students can be motivated towards patenting their innovations effectively on time. Identification of Patentable research from the students’ dissertations and processing of patents can be monitored by the separate “Task Force Group” nominated at each level. Workshops can be organized for facilitating of successful patenting.  

Conferences can be organised in cooperation with the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and other organisations to showcase student innovations to a wider audience and provide stakeholders with a platform to collaborate with post graduate students of TNAU for turning applied research into innovative products. Conferences may be organised on themes like crop nutrition, crop care, crop enhancement, post-harvest processing, herbal nutraceuticals, and smart agriculture employing IOT and AI. To ensure the food security and nutrition, these conferences will give industries, FPOs, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and MSMEs the chance to learn about innovative ideas, products, and business models from postgraduate students at our university. They will also enable them to collaborate with postgraduate students on projects, products, and placements.

Such conferences, held at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore from July 19 to 20, 2022, had a favourable outcome. As a result of the event’s success, 17 industries have stepped forward to support the innovations of the students by providing funding for their research, internships, and research collaboration through the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) on application of AI and IoT in agriculture and related sectors.

The School of Finishing and Grooming

Providing necessary skills to the students to enhance their employment opportunities is also essential to the changing educational scenario. It is necessary in today’s competitive environment, where everything climbs from the simple to the magnificent with the addition of the Final Finishing Touch. The Finishing School is designed to provide students with modern industrial skills and current trades that don’t just focus here and now but also adhere to a long-term viewpoint. It is a step forward allowing an individual’s present skills sets to naturally manifest their internal and external characteristic qualities.

Finishing School uses a blended learning strategy to teach skills, combining traditional classroom instruction with satellite-enabled training, distance learning labs and online learning with simulations and projects. Our greatest strength is our ability to tailor the training to the specific needs of each client, both in terms of content and delivery style.

The possibility of offering a PG Diploma programme at TNAU is being considered to meet the goals.

Online Academy

Online Academy is created with the objective to link students with Institutes / Universities of National and International reputation through online mode. The faculty and students are requested to use this facility to get connected with other Universities/Institutes. This facility can also be utilized for conducting public defense and for any seminars /special lectures / panel discussions of student research. This academy is equipped with LED wall and related audio-visual tools for conducting the aforesaid activities effectively through virtual and actual mode.

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