Physical Sciences and Information Technology Ongoing Schemes

Ongoing Scheme



S. No. Scheme P.I.
1. URP: AECRI/PKM/MAT/2020/001
Studying on crop response model for grapes under climate change scenario
Dr.A. Eswari
2. URP:AECRI/CBE/MAT/2021/001
Implication of environmental condition on the incidence of Purple Blotch of Small Onion
3. URP: AECRI/CBE/MAT/2020/001
An assessment of Mathematical Modeling for Area and Production of Oilseed crops in Tamil Nadu
4. URP: AECRI/CBE/MAT/2021/002
Exploring the relationship between climate change and the crop yield of minor millets in Coimbatore district – A Modelling Approach
Dr.M.Nirmala Devi
5. URP:AECRI/CBE/COM/2021/001
Deep Learning Based Mobile App for Early Identification of  Tutaabsoluta in Tomato
6. URP:AECRI/CBE/PSC/2020/001
Web Application to access the details of ornamental trees at TNAU Botanical Garden through smart phone by using QR code
Dr.J.Arockia Stephen Raj
7. URP:AECRI/CBE/STA/2021/001
Drought Forecasting through statistical analysis using standardized precipitation index – A Modelling Approach
Dr. M. Radha
8. URP: AECRI/CBE/STA/2020/001
R package for CRD,RBD and Split plot Design
Dr.Patil Santosh Ganapati