The Department of Physical Sciences came into effect from 01-12-2002 under the administrative control of Dean, Agricultural Engineering College & Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. This Department consists of the following units viz., Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Information Technology. The Academic Council of TNAU at its 93rd meeting approved the renaming of the Department of Physical Sciences as Department of Physical Sciences and Information Technology with effect from 01-04-2003.


  • Establishment of excellence in teaching and research activities.
  • To provide the best mathematics education required to strengthen the backbone of all Agricultural Departments.
  • Skill and knowledge empowerment on basic and applied data analysis techniques.
  • Application of statistics in agricultural and allied sciences in order to formulate new policies.
  • Infuse Information technology and AI in agriculture to reach the unreached and transform the traditional farming into precision agriculture for bigger yield and higher environmental protection and to produce more with less.


  • Excellence in quality education to have information technology collaboration and participation in agricultural research, development, management and extension.
  • Development of analytical skills in the data analysis.
  • To serve the cause of Agriculture by developing quality IT manpower, and generating and disseminating technologies relating to production, processing and marketing of products for the benefit of stakeholders.


  • Offering courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Information Technology for Under Graduate and Post Graduate programmes.
  • Assistance of computerization in Management systems of Research, Establishment, Education, Recruitment, Accounts of the offices of the Director of Research, Registrar, Comptroller and the Dean (SPGS), Dean (Agriculture), Dean (Agrl.Engg.), Dean (Hort.) and Controller of Examinations, TNAU, Coimbatore.
  • Linkage with all the above mentioned Units with the office of the Vice-Chancellor and all other Directorates / Deans and other University Officers within the University.
  • Development and modernization of communication among the Units, within the University linkage between and among various Units and Departments in the main campus and across all the Units, Departments, Colleges, Research Stations of University spread over the State.