Irrigation and Drainage Engineering About Department


The department of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (IDE) came into existence in 2019 on the recommendation of committee appointed by the ICAR. The department has 5 teaching staffs and 5 supporting staffs. The department has offered 11 Nos. of undergraduate courses for the B.Tech agricultural engineering, 2 Nos. of UG courses for B.Sc Agriculture  and 1 No. of commercial course for Diploma in Agriculture. The department has handled the UG, PG, Ph.D, University subprojects and externally funded research projects. The department has well equipped laboratories in the areas of irrigation, drainage and fluid mechanics. The department also has excellent modeling software namely HYDRUS for scheduling irrigation and fertigation by modeling soil water dynamics. The field irrigation laboratory in the department of IDE has installed advanced automatic volume, time and sensor based irrigation and EC, pH and water & fertilizer proportion based fertigation systems. It is the first advanced automatic drip irrigation and fertigation system has installed in Tamil Nadu. The department has excellent demonstration field equipped with advanced techniques. The department provides adequate facilities to the students for conducting their research works. Currently the departmental activities include development of irrigation water management technologies, Advancement in drainage engineering, Drip irrigation for paddy, real time irrigation and fertigation scheduling, nutrient management, Soil less culture, hydrophonics and green house technology. The department has more number of research articles in peer reviewed journals.

The department caters to the needs of undergraduate degree courses in B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering), BSc. (Agriculture) and BSc. (Horticulture). This department also conducts postgraduate and doctoral level research thesis works. The department at present offers following undergraduate courses:

  1. BAE 208 Building construction and cost estimation (2+1)
  2. BAE 102 Engineering mechanics (2+1)
  3. BAE 201 Theory of structures (1+1)
  4. BAE 202 Fluid mechanics and open channel hydraulics (2+1)
  5. IDE 201 Irrigation Engineering
  6. IDE 202 Groundwater, wells and Pumps
  7. SWE 302 Irrigation equipment, Drip and Sprinkler Technology (2+1)
  8. SWE 301 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (2+1)
  9. CAG21 Micro Irrigation Systems-Installation, Operation and Maintenance (Commercial Agriculture) (0+2)
  10. APE 311 Protected cultivation and secondary agriculture (1+1)
  11. SWE 112 Soil and water conservation engineering (1+1)
  12. AGE 401 Project planning and Report writing (Student ready)
  13. AGE 402 Experiential learning on campus (student ready)