Irrigation and Drainage Engineering PG Courses

Post graduate thesis completed

  1. Evaluation of drip irrigation lateral design methods – Mr. J. Ramachandran
  2. Determination of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and dispersivity using inverse methods – Ms. Namitha M.R
  3. Estimation of runoff in a semi-urbanised watershed by hydrologic modeling –Ms. Chinju saju
  1. Simulation of soil water content in a solute drip irrigation system – Mr. M. Karthick
  2. Determination of irrigation depth & interval based on soil water potential fluctuation monitoring for brinjal – Mr. Rahul

Ongoing post graduate thesis

  1. Solute transport modeling for reclamation of sodic soil – Mr. K. Srinithi
  2. Evaluation of subsurface drainage system for water logged paddy field- Mr. L. Kathirvel