Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Laboratories


The department is well equipped to conduct practicals for undergraduate degree programmes. The laboratories available in the department are as follows:

Fluid mechanics & Open channel hydraulics laboratory


  1. Determination of meta-centric height
  2. Verification of Bernoulli’s theorem
  3. Measurement of discharge with venturi-and Orifice meter
  4. Measurement of velocity with a pitot tube
  5. Determination of coefficient of discharge of rectangular and triangular notch
  6. Determination of hydraulic coefficient of orifices and mouthpieces
  7. Experiment on broad crested weir, parshall flume and venture flume
  8. Determination of head losses in pipes
  9. Performance test on Francis turbine
  10. Determination of roughness coefficients of open chanels
  11. Measurement of velocity and pressure profiles in open chanels
  12. Hydraulic jump

Irrigation engineering laboratory


  1. Measurement of soil moisture by different soil moisture measuring instruments
  2. Measurement of irrigation water using weir, flume and orifice
  3. Measurement of infiltration characteristics by using double ring infiltrometer
  4. Determination of bulk density, field capacity and wilting point
  5. Measurement of evapotranspiration
  6. Exercises on laser leveler

Drainage engineering laboratory


  1. Field in-situ measurement of hydraulic conductivity by single auger hole method
  2. Determination of drainage coefficient
  3. Determination of drainable porosity

Pumps & Microirrigation laboratory


Performance test for Centrifugal, Air lift, Propeller & Jet pumps

The department also has very good laboratory facilities available for the conduct of Master’s and Doctoral level research projects. Following are the facilities available in the department:

  1. Automatic fertigation system
  2. Volumetric control
  3. Time control
  4. pH & EC control
  5. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash dosage control
  6. Green houses and Net houses
  7. Hydroponics system
  8. Soil moisture measurement with Time Domain Reflectometry
  9. Lysimeter
  10. Automatic soil solution sampler
  11. Mini disk infiltrometer

Field irrigation laboratory

  1. Automatic drip irrigation system
  2. Manually operated drip irrigation system
  3. Low pressure and low cost drip irrigation system
  4. Sprinkler irrigation system
  5. Time based flow control valve for automatic irrigation
  6. Green house with fan and pad and fogger system
  7. Net house
  8. Hydrophonics
  9. Time domain reflectometry sensors
  10. Flow measuring devices – Trapezoidal notch, V-notch, Rectangular notch and Parshall flume
  11. Lysimeter

Irrigation and drainage laboratory

  1. Automatic soil solution sampler
  2. Lysimeter
  3. Minidisk infiltrometer
  4. Test rig for drip irrigation system
  5. Filters and strainers
  6. Test rig of air lift pump
  7. Test rig of centrifugal pump
  8. Test rig of jet pump
  9. Test rig of reciprocating pump
  10. Double ring infiltrometer
  11. Cut section model for centrifugal pump
  12. Cut section model for submersible pump
  13. Cut section model for turbine pump
  14. Tachometer
  15. Infiltration apparatus
  16. Drain permeameter
  17. Soil moisture suction sand table apparatus
  18. Augers
  19. Current meter
  20. Tensiometers
  21. Lateral laying machine
  22. Pressure gauge and vacuum gauge

Fluid mechanics laboratory

  1. Test rig of venturi meter
  2. Test rig of Orifice meter
  3. Flow over notches recirculating type
  4. Flow through mouthpiece & Orifice instrument recirculating type
  5. Losses in pipe fitting apparatus
  6. Reynolds apparatus
  7. Metacentric height of ship model apparatus
  8. Pitot tube apparatus
  9. Francis Turbine
  10. Hydraulic jump apparatus