About the Station

Agricultural Research Station, Vaigai Dam was started during 1965 as Government Sub station for Cotton research by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Tamil Nadu. During 1995, the farm was handed over to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and is now known as Agricultural Research Station, Vaigai Dam.  Since then, this station has been contributing to the welfare of the farmers through production and distribution of quality seeds.


The station is located in Theni District. It has two farms, one located at the base of Vaigai Dam (Farm I) in Periyakulam Taluk and Farm II located 4.5Km away from Farm I in Aundipatti Taluk.

Geo Facts

Latitude            :           10″ 0′ North

Longitude          :           77″ 8′ East

Altitude             :           242 m MSL

Average Annual Rainfall :  600 mm

Soil Type :  Deep Ulfisol

Area of the Farm :

  1. Farm I     :           21.6 Ha
  2. Farm II   :           42.2 Ha