Farm Facilities

Cropping programme :

 The breeder and nucleus seed production target is communicated by the Director, Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics. The foundation and truthful label seed target are determined based on local needs. During 2018-19,   25.582 tonnes of breeder seeds were produced in paddy, pulses and oilseeds and the target allotted to the farm was accomplished. Apart from seed production, this station also conducts MLT for Paddy, Cumbu, Maize, and Brinjal.  P.G Students of Madurai campus also conduct their field trails at this station.  This station is also extending helping hands to the nearby research station for multiplying their pre-release cultures and recently released  varieties to popularize the new varieties.


In each farm, three godowns are available for seed storage.  The farm has a mini processing unit of 1 T/hr capacity which is used for processing breeder seeds. A cotton ginning unit is also available and these facilities are also used by the State Department and farmers for processing Foundation, Certified seeds and ginning of cotton earning valuable receipts to the farm. Open threshing floors and a protected threshing floor are available for drying and post harvest operations.

This is the recognized centre for conducting Grow out test for cotton and vegetables.