Ongoing Projects

Number and tite Duration Name  and designation of the Scientist incharge
ICAR-MSP/CPBG/ VGD/2015/D001                             Seed production in agricultural crops under Revolving Fund (Horticultural Crops)


2019-2020 Dr. T.L.Preethi    

Asst. Prof(Hort.)                                              Dr.M.Jayaramachandran

Asst. Prof. (PB&G.)


ICAR-MSP/CPBG/VGD/2015/D002                            Special food grain production programme 2019-2020 Dr.G.Mani

Asst. Prof(SS&T)                                              

Dr.S.Juliet Hepziba

Prof. (PB&G.)


ICAR-MSP/CPBG/VGD/2015/D003                           Breeder Seed production of rice, oilseeds and pulses 2019-20 Dr.M.Jayaramachandran                                Asst. Prof (PB&G.)                              Dr.S.Juliet Hepziba                                          Prof. (PB&G.)
No. NRDMS/SC/ST/03/016(G).                   GOI scheme- Enhancement of Nutritional Security of Under privileged farming community of Southern Tamil Nadu through dissemination of advanced approaches in  seed production, post harvest techniques  and value addition of barnyard millet and little millet Oct. 2016-Sep. 2019 PI- Dr. D. Thirusendura Selvi,                    Assistant Professor (SST)

CO-PI :                                   Dr.S.Juliet Hepziba,                                    Professor (PB&G.) and Head                             Dr. S. Kanchana,                                    Professor (FSN)

NADP-M28-DC                                   Farmers’ participatory seed production and popularization of MGR 100 Rice in Tamil Nadu April’18 to June’19 Co-PI                                                                Dr. S.Juliet Hepziba                                         Professor (PB&G.) and Head Dr.G.Mani                                                       Asst. Prof(SS&T)