ICT applications at FC&RI is playing a vital role in strengthening the academic teaching-learning, research and extension activities at FC&RI, Mettupalayam in various dimensions such as ICT campus Infrastructure, Classroom teaching and Practical Learning

ICT Campus Infrastructure :

FC&RI, Mettupalayam campus  is established with adequate ICT infrastructure such as Local Area Network (LAN), Underground  Optical Fibre Cable (UG-OFC) which covers the academic block, hostels, farm office and security office for uninterrupted internet and data transmission ,  High-end Manageable Network Switches (04 Nos.) to control and route the network traffic across the campus,  Computing Laboratory facility with 30 seater capacity equipped with i5 and i3 Intel  processor based branded Computers for both ICT course offering and co-curricular activities such as assignments, research article search and etc., 40 MBPS bandwidth speed 24 x7 Internet connectivity  under National Mission on Education through ICT – Virtual Private Network over BroadBand ( NMEICT VPNoBB), High Speed Wi-Fi Facility both students Hostels and Library buildings.

Classroom Teaching :

Class rooms of UG and PG teaching are equipped with Computer Based Teaching Aids such as Desktop Computer,  LCD Projector Audio Visual gadgets for interactive learning of concepts through presentation slides, lecture videos, online assignments and quizzes.

Practical Learning :

A 30 Seater capacity Computing Centre is equipped with i3 and i5 series of Intel Processor based high end desktop computer for students ICT skill development and use. The facility is being well utilized by UG students for their regular academic course based skill development on “COM 112 Information and Communication Technology (1+1)” which is being offered during the first semester of their degree programme. Secondly, the above facility is used by the students for their day-today activities of preparing presentation, solving assignments, data analysis using spread sheet software and data sharing to the concerned course teacher through email.

Video conferencing Facility:

A Multi-point video conferencing facility (using BSNL VPN through 04254-222398) is created under NADP “Invigorating Extension through ICT tools” scheme through e-Extension Centre, TNAU, Coimbatore to communicate and better serve the farmers, line department and other stack holders through voice, video and data sharing modes.

Factsheet on the ICT infrastructure at FC&RI, MTP:

The following table provides the detailed facts and figures on how the ICT infrastructure is being well utilized in the campus.

Sl. No.

Nature of facilities College Hostels
No. of units No. of faculty benefited No. of units No. of student benefited
1. Internet – I : 40 MBPS under NMEICT VPNoBB 01 50 323
2. Wi-Fi Facility 01 10 06 323
3. 24 Port Manageable Switch 04 40 323
4. Computer Centre 20 60
5. Video Conferencing Facility using BSNL ADSL Modem and Vidyo software via 04254-222398 01 01
6. Underground Optical Fiber Cable Network Provisions 1.5 Kms (covers Academic Block, Hostels, Farm Office and Security Office