On Farm Trials

Details of OFT (2023-24):


Crop / Enterprise

       1.        Assessment of medium duration (125 – 135 days)  paddy varieties CO56 and RNR15048 for yield in Pudukkottai District
       2.        Assessment of cowpea varieties for higher yield in Pudukkottai District
       3.        Assessment of high yielding and drought tolerant groundnut varieties  in Pudukkottai District
       4.        Assessment of  Black gram  Varieties VBN 11 and LBG 884 for YMV resistant and Productivity in Pudukkottai District
       5.        Assessment of Barnyard Millet Varieties ATL 1  andDHBM 93-3 for high yield and productivity in Pudukkottai District
       6.        Assessment of crop boosters  Groundnut rich and Novel Plus for enhancing the productivity of irrigated groundnut in Pudukkottai
        7.        Assessment of micro nutrient formulation for high productivity in banana (Pudukkottai)
       8.        Assessment of high-yielding CO(GB)15, Arka Visthar  Pandal Lab Lab hybrid (Pudukkottai)
       9.        Assessment of herbicide for effective weed management in direct seeded paddy for Pudukkottai district
   10.    Assessment of management of false smut in paddy
   11.    Assessment of fruit fly trapping technology in mango growing areas in Pudukottai District
   12.    Assessment of quality parameters of  millet substituted flavoured milk beverage