Crop Management


  • Rainfed water conservation techniques

In-situ water harvesting in sunken basins around the tree with 5 % slope and covered with 600 gauge black polythene sheet showed enhanced moisture conservation of 18.16%

  • Integrated Nutrient Management – Custard apple :

Application of Azotobacter + Azospirillum + VAM + ‘P’ Solubilization culture + 50% NPK  recorded maximum fruit yield (18.6 kg/tree) and fruit weight (174.0 g).

  • High density planting in custard apple

The spacing of 6m x 6m, recommended for commercial cultivation of custard apple under rainfed arid regions.

  • Postharvest studies in aonlafruits :

The aonla variety BSR 1 recorded the highest TSS content , ascorbic acid content, less physiological loss in weight and per cent decay loss at 16 days storage period.

Pest and diseases management

  • Management of fruit flies and fruit borer in ber

Dig the soil under tree canopy to destroy pupae and incorporate Lindane 1.3% dust @ 30g/tree. Spray malathion 50 EC or endosulfan 35 EC or quinalphos 25 EC at 2 ml/l Use polythene bags fish meal trap with 5g of wet fish meal + 1 ml dichlorvos in cotton. 50 traps are required/ha, fish meal + dichlorvos soaked cotton are to be renewed once in 20 and 7 days respectively.

For management of mealy bugs in custard apple, Spraying either with Chlorpyriphos 20 EC 2.5 ml/l or monocrotophos  36 WSC 1.5 ml/l and band the trees with 20 cm wide 400 gauge polythene sheets. Release of Australian ladybird beetle   @ 10/ tree.

  • Aonla leaf and fruit rust management

Spraying of fungicide viz., Chlorothalanil (0.2%) twice at 20 days interval effectively control rust disease in aonla.

  • Custard apple leaf spot and fruit rot management

Mancozeb at 0.2 per cent was effective against leaf spot caused by Cercospora and Copper oxy chloride at 0.25 per cent was effective against fruit rot caused by Rhizopus and these two fungicides were recommended to rainfed farmers.

  • Tamarind root rot management

Trichodermavirideat 10 g /kg pot soil was recommended for control of root rot in tamarind nurseries to the rainfed growers.

  • Postharvest fungal rot management

Dipping of fruits in 2 per cent sodium chloride for 10 minutes is recommended for post harvest management of fungal rot diseases in ber, aonla and custard apple.

  • Ber black leaf spot control

Two sprays of 0.1 per cent Propiconazole (Tilt), one at immediately after the appearance of the disease symptom and second spray at 15 days interval was recommended for control of black leaf spot disease in ber.