Technologies Developed

Technologies Developed

Technologies Developed

  • Application of FYM @ 12.5 tons /ha and soil application of 2 kg Azospirillum with 40:20:0 kg NPK/ha is the suitable integrated nutrient management system for sorghum based cowpea intercropping system
  • Cotton + Black gram intercropping system (6.3) raised in compartmental bunding is suitable moisture conservation technique in rainfedvertisol
  • Forage Alley Cropping system an alternate land use system in drylandvertisols has been developed with Subabul and Desmanthus fodder crop with inter alley width of 12 m along contour was found to produce food, fodder, fuel and fertilizer and for sustainable income to dryland farmers.

Salient Findings


  • Manila Tamarind (Pithacellobiumdulce)

Through survey collected eight (8 No.) high yielding and good quality manila tamarind genotypes from different parts of Tamil Nadu. genotypes accessions. All the types were grafted vegetativelyand are under evaluation. All the seven types registered with NBPGR, New Delhi and IC number obtained for the same. The IC no. obtained are IC 0625747, IC 0625748, IC 0625749, IC 0625750, IC 0625751,  IC 0625752,  IC 0625753 and IC 0625754.

  • Jamun (Eugenia jambolana)

By survey and collection three (03 No.) high yielding jamun genotypes collected and multiplied through soft wood grafting. All the genotypes are registered with NBPGR, New Delhi. The IC no. are IC 0625744, IC 0625745 and IC 0625746. At present all the types are maintaining at RRS, Aruppukottai.

  • Ber(Ziziphus jujube)

In ber 25 no. of genotypes collected through survey and 9 released varieties are being maintained at this center. Among the genotypes evaluated, the variety Kaithali registered increased yield and quality.

  • Custard apple (Annonasquamosa)

In custard apple 5 No. of released varieties and 14 no. of genotypes has been maintained at this center. Among the varieties evaluated, the highest yield was observed in APK(Ca) 1