University Research Projects (from 1.4.2016 to till date)

S. No. Project Number and title Period Name and Designation  the project Leader Progress of work
1. CPBG/VRI/PBG/GNT/2015/005:

Collection, conservation and evaluation of genetic resources of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

December 2015 to November 2020 Dr. A. Mothilal,

Professor (PBG) and Head

A sum total of 744 genotypes are being maintained.  Various qualitative and quantitative traits were recorded.  Trait specific germplasm lines especially for earliness, high yield, foliar disease resistance and oil content were identified.
2. CPBG/VRI/PBG/GNT/2016/001:

Breeder seed production of high yielding groundnut varieties released from Regional Research Station, Vridhachalam

August 2016 to July 2021 Dr. A. Mothilal,

Professor (PBG) and Head

Groundnut breeder seeds are produced as per the indent fixed by the State and the GOI programme and supplied to different AEC of Tamil Nadu.
3. CPBG/VRI/PBG/SES/2019/001

Evolution of high yielding sesame varieties with resistance to Macrophomina root rot

(September 2018 to August 2023)


Dr. A. Mahalingam,

Assistant Professor (PB&G)


Associate Professor (Plant Pathology)

v The high yielding sesame variety VRI 3 has been released for general cultivation in Tamil Nadu during 2018. The sesame variety VRI 3 is a cross derivative between SVPR 1 x TKG 87 and it matures in 75-80 days. Average seed yield is 995 and 1055 kg/ha which is 22.74 and 22.49 per cent increased yield over SVPR 1 during rabi and summer season respectively.  The white seeded variety is mostly acceptable by the farmers and traders.  The oil content is 50.1 per cent.

v Three high yielding cultures viz., VS 15-007, VS 15-014, VS 16 – 009 are under MLT testing which are moderately resistant to root rot disease.

v VS 13-006 is a high yield and root rot resistant culture which is under AVT 1.

v 13 sesame cultures viz., VS 18-001, VS 18-003, VS 16-009, VS 17-012, VS 17-022, VS 17-026 , VS 19-002, VS 19-005, VS 19-008, VS 19-019, VS 19-023, VS 19-026 and VS 19-029 were fund to be resistant to root rot disease which are in evaluation under AYT and PYT trials during 2019-20 seasons.

4. CPBG/VRI/PBG/SES/2016/001 Production of genetically pure nucleus and breeder seed of sesame varieties released from Vridhachalam June 2016 to May 2021) Dr. A. Mahalingam,

Assistant Professor (PB&G)

v 113 kg of breeder seed has been produced and distributed for the sesame variety VRI (Sv) 2 during 2016-17

v A total of 140 kg of VRI Sv 2 sesame breeder seed was produced during abi/summer 2016-17 were supplied to indenters

v A total of each             50 kg of VRI 3 sesame breeder seed was produced during rabi / summer 2017-18 and 2018-19 respectively were supplied to the


5 DCM/VRI/AGR/GNT/2014/002

Developing nutrient management practices for oilseed – pulse cropping system


2014 to Jun




Project Completed
6 DCM/VRI/AGR/SES/2014/001

Organic Production of confectionary sesame.

July 2014 to

June 2019



Project Completed
7 CPPS/VRI/PAT/SES/2017/001

Management of root rot (Macrophomina phaseolina) disease of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Jan 2017-Dec 2019 Dr.B.Meena

Associate Professor


Soil application of Trichoderma asperellum (2.5 kg) enriched with FYM at 150 kg and applied as basal was effective in managing root rot of sesame
8 CPPS/VRI/ENT/GNT/2016/001 2016-2019 Dr. P.Indiragandhi

Asst. Prof. (Ento)

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