Crop Management

  • Growing rice and blackgram in 4:1 ratio was economical under rainfed farming in Samba season
  • Application of Phosphorus @ 75% STCR recommended level either as DAP or super phosphate along with Phosphobacterium and Azospirillum significantly increased the grain yield in irrigated rice to the level of 15% in Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts.
  • Combined spray of zinc sulphate (0.5%), Ferrous sulphate (0.25%), Manganese sulphate (0.1%), copper sulphate (0.1%) on 20,40 and 50 DAT along with basal application of Azospirllum and Phosphobacterium @ 2 kg ha-1 gave 20% increased yield in irrigated rice during all the seasons.
  • In the short duration cultures TM -10085 with 150:50:50 NPK Kg/Ha Recorded Highest yield of 5.4 t/ha.