• Established as Paddy experimental station in 1942
  • Brought under the control of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in 1981
  • Renamed as Rice research station in 1982
  • Rice Research Station, Tirur lies on the Chennai – Arakonam railway route near sevapet railway station about 40 km from Chennai. This is one among the lead centers for rice research for identifying and releasing suitable fine grain quality rice varieties and  to develop suitable crop improvement technologies on nutrient, irrigation, insect and disease management for North Eastern zone of Tamil Nadu.
  • This Station is under the administrative control of Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute, Aduthurai of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

About the station

Total area                                             :15.85 hectares

Cropping area                                      :12.00 hectares

Latitude                                                : 13°07’ N

Longitude                                             : 79° 57’ E

Altitude                                                 : 39.47m MSL

Average rainfall                                  :1152.8mm

Mean Maximum  temperature        :33.1° C

Mean Minimum temperature          :22.5° C

Soil Type                                               :Sandy clay, non calcareous light brown, medium fertile

Crops under cultivation                       :Rice, Pulses, oilseeds, Mango and green manures