Ongoing Schemes

Sl. No. Title of the Project Funded by PI & CO-PI Period
1. Evolving high yielding medium duration rice varieties with good grain quality suitable for irrigated condition Main Dr.S.Banumathy, Professor (PBG) & Head

Sep, 2021 to

Aug, 2026

2. Developing Rice Multi-Parent Advanced Intercross (MAGIC) population for yield, drought and salinity. Main


Dr. P. Yogameenakshi

Dec, 2019 to

Nov, 2024

3. Nucleus  and Breeder seed production of rice varieties Main


Dr. P. Yogameenakshi

Dec, 2022 to

Nov, 2025

4. Development of short duration rice varieties with high yield and acceptable grain quality for irrigated and semidry environments Main Dr. P. Yogameenakshi,

Dec, 2022 to

Nov, 2027

5. Efficacy of organic cultivation in AmaranthustristisatTiruvallur District Main Dr.A.Punitha

Nov, 2022 to

Dec, 2024

6. Sequential cropping of cucurbits under rice based cropping system Main Dr.A.Punitha

June, 2020 to

July, 2022