Training would mean continuing professional and skill development that does not lead to award of a University degree/diploma. The ICAR KVKs have infrastructure and expertise of repute that can be shared for purposes of trainings and human resource development. There is an increasing demand for trainings from various clients in India and abroad. Training programmes would also help generate resources for the institutes.

Scope of Training Programmes

Based on assessment of the core competence in the Institute vis-a-vis the possible and anticipated demand, each Institute will prepare information brochure on the training and human resource development possibilities, within the mandate of the Institute, where there is scope for undertaking training programmes. This will be circulated widely for knowledge of the prospective clients.

Customized training programmes is also designed and organized for the farmers within the KVK Campus and Off Campus; these could also include professional meeting or workshop for which the farmers are willing to pay.

Institutes with required infrastructure and professional skills may also jointly organize training programmes with partners from the government, non-government, private, and other sectors for clients in India and abroad.

Calendar of training programme

For programmes which can be decided in advance, it is desirable that the tentative dates and duration of such training programmes is finalized and circular issued in the early part of every year. The circular will be sent to all potential farmers within the locality and other parts of the State.

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