Climate change

Weather Advisory

The Agromet advisory service based on location specific weather forecast for Tamil Nadu is being made in order to reduce weather vagaries in farming in collaboration with India Meteorological Department, other national or international agencies and communicated through different mass medias to farmers and other stake holders of Tamil Nadu.  Research on weather in relation to agriculture and allied sectors viz., crop production meteorology (crop-weather studies), micrometeorology, aerobic meteorology, hydrometeorology, soil climatology, forest meteorology, horticultural meteorology, animal meteorology, seed meteorology and other related subjects. Recently village level weather forecast is also launched to provide village level advisory to the farmers of Tamil Nadu.

Climate resilient technologies

Climate Resilient Technologies Research is being carried with aim to enhance resilience of Tamil Nadu agriculture to climate change and climate variability through strategic research and technology demonstration. Strategic research on adaption to progressive climate change covers crops, livestock, fisheries and natural resource management. Technology demonstration focuses on participatory evaluation of location specific interventions in vulnerable districts of Tamil Nadu to enable farmers cope with current climate variability.  Reduce vulnerability to drought, pests, diseases and other climate-related risks and shocks; and improve capacity to adapt and grow in the face of longer-term stresses like shortened seasons and erratic weather patterns.  Pursue lower emissions for each calorie or kilo of food produced, avoid deforestation from agriculture and identify ways to absorb carbon out of the atmosphere are few initiatives carried out in the research centres of TNAU.

Natural Disaster Management

Natural disasters are classified into hydro-meteorological and geophysical disasters.  To mitigate the natural disaster in Agriculture, the interventions namely Climate and weather information and forecast services, drought mitigation strategies, flood mitigation strategies, introduction of drought and flood tolerant crop varieties, water and soil conservation measures, biotic and abiotic stress management strategies are being evolved and recommended to the stakeholders.

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