Sustainable food production

Variety development

Crop specific and regional specific varieties / hybrids are being developed for agriculture, horticulture and forestry crops.  Traditional plant breeding techniques, plant genome technologies, marker technologies and speed breeding techniques are employed for developing location specific varieties for improving productivity.  Pest and Disease resistance varieties, herbicide tolerant varieties and abiotic and biotic stress tolerant crop varieties are developed in the well established lab and field.  So far 882 crop varieties / hybrids were developed and released for the benefit of the farming community of our country

Technology development

Crop management technologies, farm implements and tools, agricultural engineering technologies and advanced farm technologies are being developed with help of core scientists.  Advanced techniques namely Artificial intelligence, analytics, connected sensors, and other emerging technologies are being employed for development of technologies for further increasing yields, improve the efficiency of water and other inputs, and build sustainability and resilience across crop cultivation and animal husbandry.  More than 1500 farm technologies and 150 farm implements developed and disseminated for adoption.


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