Technology Commercialization


Technologies / machineries developed by TNAU are commercialized by this Directorate. License for technologies are issued on non- exclusive basis for which license fee and royalty on annual sales is also collected from the firms. As on June 2020, 25 technologies developed by TNAU have been commercialized to 38 firms.

S.NoName of the TechnologyName of the Firm to Whom CommercializedYear 
1TNAU Sweet Flag 6% ECM/s. Bhuvicare Private Ltd. Tirunelvel 2020
2TNAU – Liquid – Bio – Pesticide – Tricoderma viride M/s. HIL (India) Limited, Kochin2019
3TNAU – Liquid – Bio – Pesticide – Pseudomonas Fluorescences M/s. HIL (India) Limited, Kochin 2019
4TNAU – Seed Coating FormulationM/s. Vriksha Agro Ventures, Coimbatore 2018
5Sugarcane Juice Bottling Technology M/s. Skysis Foods and Bevarage Private Limited, Sonipat, Haryana 2017
6TNAU – Liquid based biofertilizer M/s. Devi Biotech Pvt Ltd, Madurai 2016
7Seed Pelleting of Sesame seeds using seed pelleting Mixture for Sesame M/s. Reliable Corporation, chi M/s. Reliable Corporation, Chennai 2016
8Nutigold Secondary Protein M/s. Nitta gelatin India Ltd, Kochi – 682 036, Kerala 2015
9Vasambu based TNAU – Herbal Insect Repellent M/s. Arunai Agro Tech, Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu 2014
10 Liquid Bio – Fertilizer Technology M/s. Sri Bio Tech Laborataries India Ltd, Hyderabad (Through NRDC) 2012
11Minimal Processing of Banana Pseudostem M/s. V. S. Natural Food, Coimbatore 2011
12TNAU – Herbal Insect Repellant M/s. Bhuvicare Pvt Ltd, Tirunelveli 2011
13Nutrigold – Organic Plant Growth Promoter M/s. Nitta Gelatin India Ltd., Kochi – 682 036, Kerala 2011
14Liquid Bio – Fertilizer Technology M/s. Poabs biotech Pvt Ltd, Nelliampathy, Kerala 2010
15Cry2Ai geneM/s. Bioseed research India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad 2010
16Ready to cook mix and food from pearl millet M/s Dhaniyalakshmi agro foods, Coimbatore – 641 001. M. Venkatachalam, Namakkal 2008
17TNAU Panchagavya M/s. Shree Shiva Bio – Tech, Pudukkottai 2008




S.No Name of the Equipments Name of the Firm to Whom Commercialized Year 
1 Wetland Laser lever M/s. Farm Implements (India), Pvt. Ltd., Chennai 2020
2 TNAU – Solar Tunnel Dryer M/s. Focusun Energy Systems 2018
3 TNAU – Millet Dehusker M/s. Perfura Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore 2017
4 TNAU – Dhal Mill M/s. Perfura Technologies India Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore 2017
5 Compost Pelletizer M/s. Biogen Fertilizers India Pvt Ltd, Salem 2017
6 TNAU – SRI Power Weeder M/s. Sharp Garuda Farm Equipments Pvt Ltd 2015
7 TNAU – Downdraft Gasifier  M/s. Excess Renew Tech Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore 2015
8 TNAU – Solar Crop Drier (Tunnel Type) M/s. Excess Renew Tech Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore 2015
9 TNAU Stored Grain Pest Management Kit M/s. Kushboo Enterprises, Guwahati 2014
10 Insect Management Kit M/s. S2 Associates, Guwahati 2014
11 Thresher cum Winnower for Glory Lily Pods M/s. Melwin Engineering, Coimbatore – 641 023 2014
12 TNAU Stored Grain Pest Management Kit M/s. Bhuvicare Pvt Ltd, Tirunelveli 2014
13 Power operated Two row paddy weeder for SRI M/s. Rich Phytocare Pvt Ltd, chennai 2011
14 Power operated Two row paddy weeder for SRI M/s. Banarass Biocon (India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai 2011
15 Solar Crop Drier (Tunnel Type) M/s. Unique Fabricators, Coimbatore 2011
16 TNAU Stored Grain Insect Management Kit M/s. Melwin Engineering, Coimbatore – 641 023 2011
17 Solar Crop Drier M/s. Libra Innovations Pvt Ltd, Chennai 2011
18 Solar Crop Dryer (Tunnel type) M/s. Reny Marketing, Coimbatore 2010
19 TNAU Master Trap – A Multipurpose Device for Insects and Rodents M/s. Nutricon Animal Health Care, Kancheepuram 2010
20 TNAU – SRI Multirow Power Weeder M/s. Briggs & Stration India Pvt Ltd., (Formerly Premier Power Equipments & Products Pvt Ltd), Coimbatore – 16 2009
21 A Device to remove Insect Eggs from pulse seeds M/s. KSNM Marketing, Coimbatore 2008