Food Process Engineering Completed Schemes

I. University Research Project


S. No. Scheme P.I.
1. Design of a dryer for high moisture paddy. Dr. S. Ganapathy
2. Evolving grading standards and design of graders for dehusked coconut Dr. P. Rajkumar

II. University Core Project

Completed Schemes – Nil


Completed Sub-projects

S. No. Scheme P.I. Co P.I.
1. Development of continuous type washer for turmeric rhizomes Dr.IP.Sudagar Dr.S.Ganapathy

Dr.C.Indu Rani

2. Development of Improved Boiling system for turmeric Dr.T.Pandiarajan Dr.S.Ganapathy


3. Development of mechanical dryer for turmeric (Curcuma longa. L) rhizomes Dr.S.Ganapathy Dr.R.Arulmari
4. Development of dust proof turmeric polisher Dr.R.Arulmari Dr.S.Ganapathy


5. Development of efficient supply chain for aggregatum onion Dr.S.Ganapathy


Dr.C.Indu Rani
6. Development of integrated dal milling system suitable for black gram and green gram Dr.T.Pandiarajan Dr.S.Ganapathy


7. Development of ozone based storage structure for managing insects in grains Dr.T.Pandiarajan Dr.M.Balakrishnan


8. Process development for pilot scale production of α- amylase using edible deoiled cakes Dr.M.Balakrishnan




9. Production of ready to eat mushroom curry in retortable pouches Dr.R.Arulmari Dr.D.Amirtham



10. Studies on the nutraceutical properties of selected underutilized green leafy vegetables and their value addition Dr.D.Amirtham Dr.S.Ganapathy

Dr.C.Indu Rani

11. Development of on-line grading system based on internal and external qualities of mango using machine vision technology Dr.IP.Sudagar Dr.T.Pandiarajan


12. Studies on the effect of boiling, drying and storage on the biochemical constituents of turmeric rhizomes Dr.C. Indu Rani Dr.D. Amirtham