Food Process Engineering Faculty


  • Dr. M. Balakrishnan
  • Professor and Head
Food Process Engineering
  • Dr. S. Ganapathy
  • Professor
Storage of food grains, cold plasma, sensors
  • Dr.T.Pandiarajan
  • Professor
Agricultural Processing Equipment design
  • Dr. A. Ramalakshmi
  • Associate Professor (Agrl. Microbiology)
Food Microbiology, Molecular techniques, Bacillus thuringiensis, AM fungi
  • Dr.M.Anand
  • Associate Professor (Hort.)
  • Dr. P. Sudha
  • Assistant Professor
Post harvest Machinery- Thermal Processing of Foods
  • Assistant Professor
Food & Agriculture Process Engineering
  • Dr.S.Parveen
  • Assistant Professor
Food and agricultural Process Engineering
  • Dr. K. Gurusamy
  • Assistant Professor
  • Dr. V. Thirupathi
  • Professor
Food Process Engineering faculty working in other Department
  • Dr.P.Preetha
  • Teaching Assistant
Food Process Engineering