Food Process Engineering Ongoing Schemes

I. University Research Project

Ongoing – Nil

II. University Core Project

Ongoing Schemes

S. No. Scheme P.I.
1 Developing a non thermal ultrasonic process technology for enhancing the shelf life of coconut milk Dr.D.Amirtham
2 RF drying of carrot Dr. P. Rajkumar


Ongoing Sub-project

S. No. Scheme P.I. Co P.I.
1 Controlled Atmosphere Storage for selected pulses Dr. P. Rajkumar Dr. S. Ganapathy
2 Design and Development of turmeric processor using super heated steam for simultaneous boiling, drying and polishing Dr. S. Ganapathy Dr. M. Balakrishnan
3 Development of a portable non – destructive device to grade banana based on dielectric properties Dr. IP. Sudagar Dr. S. Ganapathy
4 Design of On Farm Ventilation Storage system for Potato Dr. R. Arulmari Dr. S. Ganapathy
Dr. P. Raja
5 Operational research project on Agro processing complex Dr. IP. Sudagar Dr. P. Raja
6 Pulsed Electric Field Processing of Fruit Juices Dr. S. Ganapathy Dr. D. Amirtham
Dr. R. Arulmari
7 Development of  electrostatic spray coating machine for edible coating of fruits using the natural plant extracts Dr. M. Balakrishnan Dr. S. Ganapathy
Dr. D. Amirtham
8 Identification and standardization of microbial management techniques to reduce post harvest losses in Carrot Dr. P. Raja Dr. S. Ganapathy
9 Ultrasound assisted enzymatic aqueous extraction of turmeric leaf essential oil Dr. D. Amirtham Dr. R. Arulmari