Completed Projects

AICRP Number Discipline Name of the experiment Name and designation of the Scientist incharge Progress of work
AICRP/ PBG/ VRM/ PIP/ 011 Breeding & Entomology AICRP on Pigeonpea Dr. P. Thilagam

Asst. Prof. (Ag.Ent.)


Dr.A. Gopikrishnan

Asst. Professor (PBG)

Blister beetle : Two sprays of flubendiamide 480SC @ 30 g a.i ha-1 at 50% flowering and 15 days later was found to be effective followed by indoxacarb 15.8 SC @ 73 g a.i ha-1 spray.

Podbugs: Acephate 75 SP @ 750 g a.i ha-1 two times at pod formation stage and 15 days later was found to be effective in minimizing the pod bug damage followed by spraying of acetamiprid 20 SP @ 20 g a.i ha-1

Pod borer complex:

Chlorantraniliprole 18.5 SC 30 g a.i/ha spraying followed by flubendiamide 480 SC @ 30 g a.i/ha and dimethoate during 50% flowering, 10 days later and pod formation stage respectively was found to be effective against Maruca (0.22 Nos/ plant), H. armigera (0.22 Nos/plant) as against untreated check (Maruca with 12 Nos/plant and H. armigera with 5.00-6.89 Nos/plant


AICRP on MULLaRP Breeding All India Coordinated Research Project on MULLaRP- Voluntary centre


Dr.A. Gopikrishnan

Asst. Professor (PBG)

The IVT cultures in Greengram and blackgram will be test verified for its higher yield in both kharif and summer crop