• Evolution and evaluation of new varieties of various crops viz., pulses, millets, oilseeds and vegetables suitable for North Eastern Zone of Tamil Nadu.
  • Evaluation of TNAU MLT and OFT of various agricultural and horticultural crops.
  • Production of Nucleus, Breeder and TNAU labelled seeds of pulses and oilseeds as per the indent.
  • Development of alternate cropping pattern for rainfed agriculture in Vellore district.
  • Development of Integrated management strategies for major pests and diseases of agricultural and horticultural crops in Vellore district.
  • Develop suitable crop varieties and bioremediation techniques for tannery polluted areas.


This station is situated about 16 km away from Vellore bus stand (About 13 km from Vellore, in Chennai- Bangalore National Highway (Seduvalai) and a diversion of 3 km in Seduvalai to Vaduganthangal road) and 21 km from Katpadi railway junction. The nearest airport is Chennai International airport which is about 150 km from the station.

Latitude : 12° 5′ and 13° 5′ N
Longitude : 78° 02′ and 79° 5′ E

Land Profile

Total Area : 23.75 hectares
Irrigated area : 15.30 hectares
Rainfed : 08.45 hectares
Soil type : Sandy loam
Soil pH : 7.8
Average annual rainfall : 971.1mm
Mean Maximum Temperature : 33.1°C
Mean Minimum Temperature : 22.8°C
Meteorology : II Class Observatory