Varieties and Technologies Released

Greengram VRM (Gg) 1

Released in 2001

Pure line selection from K.851

Average yield of 1104 kg /ha

High protein (27.4%)

Tolerant to yellow mosaic virus

TNAU Spiny brinjal VRM (Br) 1

Released : 2010

Spines in the leaf, stem and calyx

Pure line selection from VMB -7 at Elavambadi village, Vellore district

Highly suited for three seasons viz., kharif, rabi and summer

Duration of 140 to 150 days

Yield of 30 to 40 t/ha.


Lime VRM 1

Tahiti lime VRM 1

[Tahiti seedless lime (Citrus latifolia Tanaka cv.Tahiti)]

Year of release : 2016

Suitable for home garden

Suitable for preparation of juice and pickles

High vitamin ‘C’ (96 mg/100 ml)

More ascorbic acid and less acidity than local lime.

Yield potential of 25-30 tonnes per hectare.

Resistant to Leaf miner and Citrus canker




Technology – Sugarcane Sett Cutter

Released : 2006

It covers 1.5 acres per day with two lobours

User friendly equipment

Save the cost of Rs 455/- and

Save the70% working time.

The cost of machine is Rs 12000/-