Milestone Achievements

Milestone Achievements

Research Outcome

a) Findings approved for adoption during 2018 CSM from the Station results: NIL

b) Findings on On-Farm Testing : NIL

c) Findings for Information:


  • A total of 22 accessions were assembled, which include, eight genotypes viz; NRCC 7 , Rootstocks viz., CR H – 12, X-639, Sonarians, NRCC – 3, NRCC – 6, macrophylla (Alemow) and  C. volkamariana from Central Citrus Research Station, Nagpur, two species viz; C.paradisi and C.grandis from CRS, Tirupathi, four Acid lime varieties viz., Balaji, Vikram, Pramalini and VRM 1 and eight accs. From SCA 01 to SCA 08 from Puliyangudi , Vannikonenthal , Puthukulam, (Kayathar) and Vadakkupuliyampatti,(Melaneelitha Nallur) Vasudevanallur areas have been done.
  • Under the project on “Effect of growing media on seed germination and seedling growth of acid lime“ the treatment viz; T11 – Soil + Sand + FYM +Poultry manure + Vermicompost + Cocopeat (1:1:1:1:1:1) is found to be promising.
  • Out of seven root stocks six viz; Rough lemon, Rangpur lime, Gajanimma, Trifoliate orange, Kitchili , and Sour orange have been assembled under the project on identification of root stocks for Acid lime.
  • The trees which were sprayed with FeSo4 @ 1.0 %+ ZnSo4 @ 1.0 %+ CuSo4 @ 1.0 %+ MnSo4 @ 1.0 %+ Borax @ 0.3 % recorded the maximum no. of fruits and yield per tree