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University Research Projects (from 1.4.2016 to till date)

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Progress of work
HC & RI/ SKL/ HOR/ CIT/ 2016 001 – Effect of organic manures on growth and yield of acid lime in Tirunelveli District Jan 2016 to Jan 2019 Dr.S.Muthulakshmi

Professor (Hort)

The treatment viz; T 4 (50 % RDF + Press mud (15 kg plant -1 ) and T 8 (50 % RDF + Vermicompost (10 kg plant -1 ) + Neem cake (15 kg

plant -1 )+ Press mud (15 kg plant -1 ) recorded high yield

HCRI/SAN/HOR/FRU/2017/001 Survey and identification of suitable acid lime genotypes for year round production April 2017 to March 2020 Dr.T.Rangaraj

Professor and Head

 A total of 22 accessions were assembled, which includes, eight genotypes from Central Citrus Research Station, Nagpur (NRCC 7 , Rootstocks viz., CR H – 12, X-639, Sonarians, NRCC – 3, NRCC – 6, C. macrophylla (Alemow) and  C. volkamariana) and four Acid lime varieties viz., Balaji, Vikram, Pramalini and VRM 1.

Collection of C.paradisi and C.grandis were done from CRS, Tirupathi. Through survey and plus tree collection,Acc.SCA 01, SCA 02, SCA 03,SCA 04, SCA 05, SCA 06, SCA 07 and SCA 08 have been assembled Puliyangudi , Vannikonenthal , Puthukulam, (Kayathar) and Vadakkupuliyampatti,(Melaneelitha Nallur) Vasudevanallur areas and are under evaluation.

HCRI/SAN/HOR/FRU/2017/002 Studies on effect of micronutrients on yield and quality of acid lime (Citrus aurantifoliaSwingle).
June 2017 to May 2020 Dr.T.Rangaraj

Professor and Head

The data so far observed revealed significant differences amoung the treatments. Treatment- 12 viz FeSo4 @ 1.0 %+ ZnSo4 @ 1.0 %+ CuSo4 @ 1.0 %+ MnSo4 @ 1.0 %+ Borax @ 0.3 % recorded the maximum no. of fruits (304.55) and yield per tree (15.68 Kg) followed by T 11, however both are on par with each other.
HCRI/SAN/HOR/FRU/2018/001 Evaluation and identification of root stocks for improvement of yield and quality of acid lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle.)` October 2018 to September 2022 Dr.T.Rangaraj

Professor and Head

Out of seven root stocks, six viz; Rough lemon, Rangpur lime, Gajanimma, Trifoliate orange, Kitchili, and Sour orange have been assembled and seedlings are raised in polybags for budding. Alemow is being received from NRCC, Nagpur.
HCRI/SAN/HOR/FRU/2018 / CP 117.Effect of growing media on seed germination and seedling growth of acid lime 2018-2019 Dr.P.Nainar


The data so far recorded revealed that commencement of seed germination was almost equal ie.13 days after sowing in all the treatments T6 – Soil + Sand + FYM + Vermicompost (1:1:1:1), which recorded the maximum value of 16 days. 100% germination was recorded in T11 – Soil + Sand + FYM +Poultry manure + Vermicompost + Cocopeat (1:1:1:1:1:1) , followed by T 10..Number of roots per seedling was the highest (15.33) in T7- Soil + Sand + FYM + Cocopeat (1:1:1:1), while fresh weight of seedling was maximum.


ICAR partly /fully financed schemes (from 1.4.2016 to till date)

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