Crop Protection

  • Neem oil (3%) spray, soil application of neem cake 250 kg/ha coupled with spraying of NSKE (5%) reduced the jassid population.
  • Soil application of neem cake @ 150 kg/ha plus seed treatment with Trichoderma viride @ 4 g/kg of seed reduced the incidence of seedling blight as well as dry root rot of cotton
  • Basal application of Neem cake 150 kg/ha followed by drenching with 1% Neem oil suspension and earthing up on 25 DAS reduced the stem weevil damage.

ASIPM (Adoptable Srivilliputtur IPM module) – 2005

Seed treatment with imidacloprid 70 WS @ 5g/kg of seed with an array of intercrops (green gram), trap crops (castor and sunflower), catch crops (bhendi and red gram) and eco-feast crops (maize and cowpea) played a significant role in reducing the pest load in cotton by acting as reservoir of natural enemy population and their augmentation. Timely use of yellow sticky traps, pheromone traps and bio-control agents also helped in minimizing pest incidence. The above ASIPM (Adoptable Srivilliputtur IPM module) resulted in a cost benefit ratio of 1:2.94 as against 1:1.42 in farmer’s practice.