Cotton Research Station, Srivilliputtur was started during the year 1950 by Department of Agriculture, Government of Tamil Nadu.  During 1973, it was brought under Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Since then, it caters to the needs of farmers of southern region of Tamil Nadu.

Geographical Co ordinates

Altitude    – 137.9 m MSL

Latitude    – 9” 5’ N

Longitude – 77” 6’ E

Weather regime

Max. Temp.-34.05oC

Min. Temp. -22.79oC

RH- 85.81%

Ave. Rainfall   – 816.1mm

Sunshine      – 6.82hrs/day

Evaporation  – 9.6mm/day

Distance from the nearest railway station, Airport, National Highways, Town 1 km from Srivilliputtur Railway station

80 kms from Madurai Air port

1.5 kms from National Highways (208NH)

2 kms from Srivilliputtur Town