Ongoing Schemes

S.No. Project Number and title Period Name and Designation  the project Leader
1. CPBG/SVP/PBG/COT/2016/001
Evolution of short duration and high yielding cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genotypes suitable for southern districts of Tamil Nadu

Aug, 2016

July, 2021

Asst. Prof. (PBG)
2. CPBG/SVP/PBG/COT/2016/002
Evolution of high yielding medium staple upland cotton varieties (Gossypium hirsutum L.) resistant to jassid for summer irrigated tracts of Tamil Nadu.

April 2016

March  2021

Asst. Prof. (PBG)
3. CPBG/SVP/PBG/COT/2018/001
Nucleus and breeder seed production of cotton varieties released from Cotton Research Station, Srivilliputtur

April 2018

March 2023

Dr. K. Thiyagu
Asst. Prof. (PBG)
4. CPBG/CBE/PBG/COT/2019/001 Evolution of high yielding compact cotton variety with extra long staple fibre length and leaf hopper resistance

May 2019

April 2022

Dr.M.Gnanasekaran, Asst. Prof. (PBG)
5. DCM/CBE/AGR/COT/2018/001
Nutrient management for cotton under high density planting system

June 2018

May 2021

Dr.R. Veeraputhiran, Assoc. Prof. (Agronomy)
Asst. Prof. (PBG)
6. DCM/SVP/AGR/COT/2019/New
Split application of nitrogen on yield and quality of cotton
2019-2021 Dr.R. Veeraputhiran, Assoc. Prof. (Agronomy)
7. CPPS/SVR/ENT/COT/2016/001
Population dynamics and mangmentfo Pink bollworm Pectinophoragossypiella (Saunders) in upland cotton
Feb 2018 –
Jan 2020
Dr.K.Sasikumar, Asst.Prof. (Entomology)
8. CPPS / SVP / PAT / COT / 2019 / 001
Evaluation of cotton breeding materials and accessions for resistance to major foliar and root diseases

August 2019

July 2022

Professor (Pl.Pathology) and Head