1. Capacity Building – Fish Rearing Unit
ICAR KVK TIruppur, the existing storage tank has been renovated and the 500 fingerlings of KATLA, ROGU, MIRUGAL poured for rearing.
2. Capacity Building – Vermi Composting
ICAR KVK Tiruppur has one Vermicompost demonstration unit, from this unit 5 Tons of Vermicompost is produced per annum and it is used for the enhancing the fertility status of KVK farm soil and farmers training purpose
3. Capacity Building – Bee Keeping
Established Apiary Units in the KVK premises for demonstration and training to the farming community, as a part of their income generation. Natural honey collected from different plant sources may be sold at remunerative price

4. Seed Production Block
KVK Tirupur has established quality seed production block of Groundnut variety BSR 2, foundation seeds of Blackgram VBN 10, Cowpea VBN 3 and Greengram CO8. Regularly produced quality seeds and planting material and distributed to the farmers. Groundnut breeder seed BSR 2 were produced and despatched to Agrl. Department as per the GOI indent.

5. IFS Unit (Sheep Unit)
Demo unit on sheep rearing (Mecheri breed) has been established for offering training to the farmers, farm women, landless labourers and rural youth. Sheep breeds, importance of sheep rearing, feeding management, Disease management and marketing were dealt with these trainings.
6. Mixed Fodder Unit
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University released new varieties of Fodder Crops Cumbu  Napier CN (CO)5 -30cents  Fodder Sorghum CO FS 29 – 20 cents and COFS 31 -10 cents  were established in the fodder bankunitof KVK farm for the benefit of farming community.  Mixed Fodder Bank (10 cent model) Establishment Mixed Fodder Bank unit (Cumbu Napier CO5, Fodder Sorghum Co FS 31, Hedge Lucerne, Lucerne, Agathiand  Fodder Maize – Africal Tall variety) in KVK farm for the benefit of farming community of Tiruppur district.
7. Food Processing Demo Unit
A solar drier serves as part of food processing unit at KVK, Tiruppur for the benefit of farmers. Fruits like banana, vegetables like tomato, greens like moringa and other Agricultural produces like coconut are dehydrated in this unit for value added products.
FLD/OFT beneficiaries, trainees, SHG women, Entrepreneurs and farmers of Tiruppur are utilizing the facility for micro entrepreneurship.
8. Azolla Unit
Establishment of Azolla in KVK premises for popularaisation and demonstration of Azolla feeding in Livestock and Poultry. (Azolla contains 25-35% protein on dry weight basis and rich in essential amino acids, vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin B12 and Beta- Carotene), growth promoter intermediaries and minerals like calcium, phosphorous, potassium, ferrous, copper, magnesium.)
9) Nutrition garden
Nutrition garden at field
Roof top nutrition garden