SWOT Analysis

Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats
·      KVK is a representation of TNAU and ICAR.

·      Easy accessibility by the farmers as the location of Kendra is in the near of the District headquarter.

·      Well established technologies dissemination techniques viz., OFT, FLD which is even conducted in the interior villages.

·      KVK mainly involved in selecting, motivating and promoting conveners on the adoption of technologies by themselves and also with considerable number of fellow farmers.

·      Linkages with state department’s viz., Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Veterinary, FTC, DRDA, DPAP, Nationalized banks etc and other non Govt organizations.

·      Multidisciplinary team work.

·      Technically sound faculty is available

·      It is spread in an area of 15.62 ha (39.05 acre ) of land

·      Adjoining to PAP canal system

·      Situated 2 km away from the Pongalur town (road of Pongalur to Kangayam )

·      The farm has big storage godown in ground floor, with threshing yard,

·      No proper infrastructure (Admin building, Training Hall, Farmers Hostel and Staff Quarters)

·      Very poor network connectivity (telephone and internet)

·      Inadequate staff strength

·      SMS not available in all the disciplines

·      Lack of adequate infrastructure facilities

·      Inadequate tie –up with industrial units for entrepreneurship development.

·      Lack of Skilled labour for propagation techniques under clonal orchard

·      Lack of permanent exhibition units to conduct technology melas and forums at district level

·      Poor linkage with marketing facilities and hyper markets


·      Establishment of seed production unit

·      Scope for establishing Nursery unit

·      Establishment of input production units on Biofertilisers, biopesticides and seed processing

·      Having enough scope for improving orchard if KVK is provided with required fund

·      Scope for establishing demo unit on value added products preparation

·      Scope for setting up of demo unit on Apiary

·      Scope for setting up of seed sales centre

·      Scope for setting up Animal component demo units and demonstration

·      Scope for setting up of commercial vegetable nursery unit

·      There is scope for establishing veterinary demo unit since this district is having more livestock population

·      Scope of model composting unit to recycle all farm waste into manure

·      Scope for soil testing facility and supply of soil health cards immediately


·      Competition by private companies and agencies

·      Mis belief of farmers on traditional practices, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers etc.

·      Self diagnosing and wrong application of chemicals without attacking the exact problems.

·      Entry of new varieties, input and chemicals into the State without the knowledge of Agricultural University

·      Domination of private input supply agency and ignorance of farmers

·      Poor purchasing power of farmers

·      Supply of inputs by private agency on credit basis

·      Unpredictable climate and weather leads unexpected field problems

·      Outbreak of pest and disease causes more field problems which require immediate attention and requires lot of time and manpower