Functional linkage with different organizations

Name of organization Nature of linkage
Department of Agriculture
  • Execution of OFT and FLD programmes
  • Organization of Training programmes to farmers and extension functionaries
  • Technology week celebration
  • Uzhavar Peruvizha programme
Department of Horticulture
  • Production and distribution of quality horticulture seeds and seedlings
  • Organzing training programmes to farmers and extension functionaries
  • Implementation of NADP marketed precision farming
  • Uzhavar Peruvizha
Department of Agrl. Marketing
  • Providing agro advisory to Uzhavar sandhai
  • Training to extension functionaries
Agricultural Engineering Department
  • Exposure visit
  • Demonstration of farm implements
Seed Certification Department
  • Production of quality seeds
  • Promotion of Seed Village Programme
  • Training to Extension functionaries
  • Utilizing Video Conferencing facilities
Animal Husbandry
  • Implementation of IFS programme
  • IFS training programmes
  • Demonstration of animal components
  • Afforestation programme
  • IFS programmes
  • Implementation of IFS, Apiculture, Mushroom and quality seed production training programme
  • Formation of commodity groups
Lead Bank (Indian Bank, Tiruppur)
  • INSETI programmes namely mushroom, IFS to bank beneficiary farmers
DRDA (Pudhu Vazhavu)
  • Implementation of INSIMP programme
Department of Cooperation, TN Govt
  • Market linkage for Minor millets
  • Mobilizing Farmers

Linkage with ATMA

      • KVK, Tiruppur is responsible for providing technical backstopping to ATMA activities in Tiruppur district.
      • KVK, Tiruppur is also one of the member in the governing body of ATMA Tiruppur.
      • Coordination activities between KVK and ATMA.

 Linkage with RKVY 

      • KVK, Tiruppur is responsible for providing technical backstopping to RKVY activities in Tiruppur district.