The patent cell has been established in the School of Post Graduate Studies to facilitate post graduate students in filing patent applications for their innovations. This cell primarily dedicated to encourage post graduate students to patent their innovations efficiently and on time. Additionally, a separate “Task Force Group” designated at each level by this cell can monitor the certification of patentable research in student dissertations and the processing of obtaining patents. Workshops and special lectures can be organized by this cell to facilitate patenting success.

  • Exclusive patenting cell for students

  • Innovation screening by separate task force

  • Grants for patents

  • Workshops on patents

  • Leading patent attorney evaluation

  • Patent networks

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S.No Title of the Invention Name of the Inventors Patent
Date of filing Application No
1. Nanocomposite Slow-release Nano fertilizer and Method thereof Ms. M. Latha
Dr. K.S. Subramanian
Dr. D. Jeya Sundara Sharmila
Complete 01.03.23 202341013684
2. Exo-polysaccharide based chelated-zinc fertilizer for enhancing the bioavailability of zinc in plants Ms. G. Yazhini
Dr. S. Thiyageshwari
Dr. D. Selvi
Dr. R. Anandham
Dr. S. Marimuthu
Mr. A. Manikandan
Dr. L. Chithra
Provisional 01.03.23 202341013748
3. Green method of Synthesis of Nanocellulose from agro cellulosic waste and Nanocellulose thereof Ms. P. Dhivyabharathi
Dr. A. Lakshmanan
Dr. C. Sharmila Rahale
Provisional 13.03.23 202341016449
4. Texturized Whey Protein Isolate Incorporated High Protein Multigrain Millet Bar Ms. Devabattini Sharika
Dr. G. Hemalatha
Provisional 06.06.23 202341038674
5. Surface Impingement Spray System Er. M. Venkatasami
Dr. P. Rajkumar
Dr. M. Balakrishnan
Dr. A. Lakshmanan
Dr. C. Indu Rani
Dr. D. Amirtham
Design 12.06.23 388189-001
6. Phyto Nano formulation for broiler chicken and the process of synthesis L. Sivashankari
Dr. A. Lakshmanan
Provisional 10.08.23 202341053544
7. Nano Emulsion Based Botanical Herbicide and Preparation Method Thereof Ms.Swathika.N
Provisional 22.08.23 202341056357
8. Moisture responsive nanocomposite based herbicide and preparation method thereof Ms. Jakku Prasanna
Dr. S. Marimuthu
Mr. Golla Gowtham
Dr. Kadhiravan
Provisional 26.08.23 202341057368
9. Nanoencapsulated Betacyanin Composition and Method of Preparation Thereof Ms. R. Chitra
Dr. A. Lakshmanan
Provisional 08-09-23 202341060586
10. Nano-nutraceutical supplement of therapeutic kavuni rice and the process of developing formulation P. Mohitha
Dr. K. S. Subramanian
Provisional 21.09.23 202341063590
11. Nano-Invert Emulsion Based Pesticide as an Ovipositional Deterrent for Coffee White Stem Borer (Xylotrechus Quadripes) and Method of Preparation Thereof Ms. S. Shanmugapriya
Dr. A. Lakshmanan
Provisional 24.09.23 202341064045
12. Glafenine hydrochloride produced from bacillus licheniformis for the management of meloidogyne incognita infecting banana S. Ashraf
Dr. S.Nakkeeran
R.U. Krishna Nayana
DR. N. Senthil
Dr. M. Raveendran
Dr. N. Saranya
Complete 13.10.23 202341069249
13. Nanoviricide for the management of mungbean Yellow mosaic virus (mymv) and preparation Method thereof Ms. Nimmala Sree Valli
Dr. D. Jeya Sundara Sharmila
Dr. G. Karthikeyan
Provisional 11.01.23 202341068323
14. Hand Operated Palmyrah Young Fruit Opener Er.R.Nishashree
Design 21.10.2023 398202-001
15. An Iron and Protein Rich Ice Cream Cone Batter Formulation, Cone and Preparation Thereof Sarojinibharathi
Dr. M. Ilamaran
Dr. B. Sivasankari
Complete 06.11.2023 R202341075830
16. A water soluble micro-emulsion formulation of nematophagus fungus and process of preparation thereof N Swarnakumari
K. Devrajan
G. Thiribhuvanamala
K. Angappan
S. Karthikeyan
Complete 30.01.2024 202441006085
17 Power operated teak deseeding machine Dr. S. Venkatesan
Dr. P. Masilamani
Dr. P. Rajkumar
Design 01.02.2024 406189-001
18 Green method of synthesis of carbon dots based nano formulation from garden tea waste and nano formulation thereof Mr. Prasangi Sathiraju
Dr. S.. Rajkishore
Dr. M. Raveendran
Dr. M. Maheswari
Dr. Pon Sathya Moorthy
Dr. R. Sunitha
Provisional 20.04.2024 202441031584
19 Power operated teak deseeding machine Mr. B. Moganapathi
Dr. C. Kavitha
Dr. P.P. Mahendhiran
Dr. A. Senthil
Dr. M. Rajavel
Dr. V. Davamani
Design 01.02.2024 406189-001
20 Coconut Inflorescence Sap Collection cum Chilling Unit Dr. V. Vishnu Priya.
Dr. M. Balakrishnan
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Dr. P. Rajkumar
Dr. K. Gurusamy
Design 23.04.2024 414617-001
21 Rotary slicer for Turmeric Rhizomes Er. T. Venkateshwari
Dr. V. Thirupathi
Dr. M. Balakrishnan
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Dr. D. Uma
Dr. R. Ravi Kumar
Design 23.04.2024 414611-001
22 Pulsed light treatment chamber for fruit juices Dr. P.Preetha
Dr. N. Varadharaju,
Dr. M. Balakrishnan
Design 28.04.2024 415175-001
23 Electrochemical bioreactor to generate biomethane Ms.T.Divya
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Dr. D. Balachandar
Dr. K. Sara Parwin Banu
Dr. R. Mahendiran
Dr. J.Gitanjali
Design 29.04.2024 415181-001
24 Polypropylene Fuel Oil Reactor Dr. R. Kiruthika
A. Yokesh
N. Deepa
H. Shifali
S. Surya
Er. T. Ayisha Naziba
Dr. D. Ramesh
Design 29.04.2024 415305-001
25 Bioenergy potential tester: An application for bioenergy assessment
from biomass resources
Dr. J. Gitanjali
Dr. M. Kalpana
Dr. D. Ramesh
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Dr. N. Venkatesa Palanichamy
Copyright 07.05.2024 14724/2024-CO/SW
26 A Computer Program for Forecasting Rainfall using Machine Learning Algorithms Ms. Oviya. K
Ms. Vanitha.G
Dr. Kalpana.M
Ms. Pradipa.C
Ms. P.A. Krithika
Copyright 07.05.2024 14732/2024-CO/SW
S.No Title of the Invention Patent type Patent Granted Date Number Link
1. UAV downwash Airflow Test Rig Mr. D.Yallappa
Dr. R. Kavitha
Dr. A. Suredrakumar
Dr. Balaji Kannan
Dr. M.K. Kalarani
Dr. B.Suthakar
Design 25.04.23 133788
2. Dual Purpose Agricultural Implement Ms. E.Ramya,
Ms. P.Pavithra,
Mr. M.Arunkumar
Design 28.04.23 133988
3. Remote Control Operated Tree Climber and Harvester Ms.S.Sanjitha
Mr. M.Sathriyan
Mr.P. Christopher Prakash
Dr. R. Kavitha
Design 23.05.23 137181
4. Autonomous Variable Rate Fertilizer Applicator Ms. Rita Patle
Dr. R. Kavitha
Dr. A. Suredrakumar
Dr. Balaji Kannan
Dr. S. Maragatham
Dr. B.Suthakar
Design 23.05.23 137170
5. Automated check row weeder Er. Kommanaboyina Raju Yadav
Dr. A. Suredra kumar
Dr. P. Dhananchezhiyan
Dr. S.D. Sivakumar
Dr. M.R. Duraisamy
Design 03.07.23 38497-001
6. Dual Motor bird scarer drone Ms. L. Femiya
Ms. G. Bhuvaneshwari
Ms. E. kalpana
Dr. A. Suredra kumar
Design 23.08.2023 385070-001
7. Hydrothermal liquefaction reactor Dr. R. Divyabharathi
Dr. P. Subramanian
Design 31.08.2023 388141-001
8. Three Row Power Operated Rotary Drum weeder P. Iswarya
R. Madhumi
T. Murugananthini
Design 13.09.2023 3888287-001
9. Food Colorant Extraction Machine Balasnehitha. S
Design 21.09.2023 388788-001
10. Narrow Row Spaced weeding cum earthing-up equipment Dr. P. Vivek
Ms. Jeevitha M
Ms. Nithya devi U K
Ms. Ragavi J
Ms. Sanjitha V S
Dr. A. Surendrakumar
Dr. R. Kavitha
Design 25.09.2023 391526-001
11. Abrasive dehusker for Moringa seeds Er. Madheswari.P
Er. Manikandan.R
Er. Missvithashree.S
Design 29.09.2023 391506-001
12. Software- Drip Design Check Ms. Shaheemath Suhara K K
Dr. Ravikumar V
Dr. Balaji Kannan
Dr. Duraisamy M R
Dr. Patil Santosh Ganapati
Copyright 04-10-2023 SW-17381/2023
13. Fertilizer broadcaster cum weeder Ms. Suguna R
Ms. Thulasima V
Ms. Jebisha R
Dr.A. Surendrakumar
Dr. R.Kavitha
Design 05.10.2023 391509-001
14. Grain amaranthus thresher Er. Madhushree M.N
Dr.M. Balakrishnan
Dr. M. Anand
Dr. R. Kavitha
Design 11.10.2023 391530-001
15. Chemical Vapour Deposition Graphene Reactor Karpe Omkar Shivaji
Dr. P. Subramanian
Dr. D.Ramesh
Dr. P. Rajkumar
Dr. Balaji Kannan
Design 01.11.2023 394828-001
16. Dimension Lab – Computer Software for Dimensional Analysis using Rayleigh’s Method Er. Vinothkumar V,
Dr. P. Dhananchezhiyan,
Dr A. Raviraj
Dr. P. Kamaraj
Dr. M. Baskar
Copyright 08.11.23 24137/2023-CO/SW
17. Seedling spotter – A software for paddy seedling detection and monitoring Er. Gund Rajesh Ramesh
Dr. P. Dhananchezhiyan
Dr. R. Kavitha
Dr. A. Surendrakumar
Copyright 03.11.23 24150/2023-CO/SW
18. MaizeSSRdb – a SSR Database for Genome of Zea mays Infant Richard. J
Akkash. U
Infanta Saleth Teresa Eden. M
Dr. Jayakanthan.M
Dr. Saranya. N
Dr. Bharathi. N
Copyright 14.12.23 SW-17807/2023
19. NexaHub: Bridging the Gap between Complex NGS Data and Intuitive Analysis Anitha Ravichandran
Anandhi Venugopal
Jayakanthan Mannu
Dr. Bharathi. N
Dr. Senthil.N
Dr. Saranya. N
Copyright 14.12.23 SW-17811/2023
20. Integrated Hybrid Drying System Dr. J. Deepa
Dr. P. Rajkumar
Dr. P. Subramanian
Design 21.12.23 398089-001
21. MIMI DB – An integrated multi-omics database on Minor Millets Pavitra. K. K
Dr. Saranya. N
Dr. Jayakanthan. M
Dr. Anandhi. V
Dr. Senthil. N
Dr. Bharathi. N
Copyright SW-17943/2023
22. Moringa Depodding Machine Dr. R. Arulmari
Dr. I. P. Sudagar
Dr. S. Parveen
Dr. P. Krishnakumar
Dr. P. Rajkumar
Dr. P. Masilamani
Design 19.10.2023 398034-001
23. Carbon Molecular Sieves Synthesis Reactor D. Ramesh
Dr. P. Subramanian
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Dr. A. Surendrakumar
Design 10.01.2024 400706-001
24. Eco- Friendly Biochar Reactor B. Prabha
Dr. S. Pugalendhi
Dr. P. Subramanian
Dr. N.O. Gopal
Design 11.01.2024 400697-001
25. VignaGuard – A Curated Database of R genes for Robust Disease Defense in Vigna Crops Anitha Ravichandran
Archana Periyasamy
Priyadharshini Narayanan
Dr. Balaji Kannan
Dr. Anandhi Venugopal
Dr. Jayakanthan Mannu
Dr. Saranya. N
Dr. Bharathi.N
Copyright 11.01.2023 28729/2023-CO/SW
26. Seed Cube Making Machine Mr. K. Poovarasu
Dr. R. Umarani
Dr. T. Eevera
Dr. K. Raja
Dr. K. Malarkodi
Dr. C. Vanitha
Design 19.01.24 400717-001
27. Annatto decorticator cum cleaner Ms. Jikky Jayakumar
Dr. P.Sudha
Dr. P.Rajkumar
Dr. K.Kumaran
Design 31.01.2024 401386-001
28. Plasma Gasifier to Generate Syngas from Agricultural Wastes Dr. J. Gitanali
Dr. S. Pugalendhi
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Dr. S. Sriramajayam
Dr. D. Ramesh
Design 02.02.2024 398201-001
29. Biofuel potential assignment tool Dr. J. Gitanjali
Dr. M. Kalpana
Dr. D. Ramesh
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Dr. N. Venkatesa Palanichamy
Copyright 08.02.2024 34269/2023-CO/SW
30. Solar – biomass hybrid steam gasification unit Er. Ayisha Naziba T
Dr. D. Ramesh
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Dr. A. Kamaraj
Dr. M. Djanaguiraman
Design 05.02.2024 388140-001
31. Combine Harvester for Small onion Er. Ravuri Sai Prasanth
Dr. P. K. Padmanathan
Dr. S. S. Sivakumar
Dr. V. Alex Albert
Design 21.02.2024 398035-001
32. Fixed Bed Continuous Flow Fuel Oil Reacto Dr.B.Prabha
Design 21.02.2024 400708-001
33. Multipurpose Knapsack Solar Powered Cutter Mr. Srinivasan.G
Mr. Akash M
Ms. Nivedhya N
Ms. Sangeetha. L
Ms. KarpagaIllakkiya K
Dr. R. Mahendiran
Dr. D. Ramesh
Design 20.02.2024 400710-001
34. Neem fruit picker cum collector Er. M.Gowtham
Dr. B. Suthakar
Dr. R. Kavitha
Dr. A. Surendrakumar
Dr. P. Masilamani
01.02.2024 406184-001
35. Symmetrical blade vertical axis wind turbine A. Anbarasan
K. Kabil
R. Varshika
K. Vidhya
Dr. R. Divyabharathi
Dr. D. Ramesh
01.02.2024 406217-001
36. Pyrolyzer for Sustainable Thermodegradation of Agroresidues Er. T. Ayisha Naziba
Dr. J. Gitanjali
Dr. B. Prabha
Dr. S. Sriramajayam
Dr. D. Ramesh
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Design 05.03.2024 388140-001
37. Software Program for Variable Rate Fertilizer Applicator Er. Rita Patle
Dr. R. Kavitha
Dr A.Surendrakumar
Dr. Balaji Kannan
Dr. S. Maragatham
Dr. B. Suthakar
Copyright 22.12.23 34267/2023-CO/SW
38. Molinsecto-AI: Molecules Insecticide Property Prediction using Machine Learning Divya. S
Dr. Saranya. N
Dr. Senthil. N
Copyright 07.02.24 4311/2024-CO/SW
39. LncRNA – Deciphering Long Noncoding RNAs and Database Development in Rice Dr. Saranya. N
Saravanakumar. L.t
Shanmugapriya. S
Dr. Bharathi. N
Dr.senthil. N
Dr.jayakanthan. M
Dr.ramalingam. J
Akhansha. J.J
Copyright 08.02.24 4398/2024-CO/SW
40. VenoVault: A Phyto-Antivenom Database Pavitra. K
Gunaseelan. K
Prathiksha. S.R
Caroline nirmala. R
Dr. Gnanam. R
Dr. Senthil. N
Dr. John joel. A
Copyright 07.02.24 4281/2024-CO/SW
41. Mango Bagger cum Harvester Satheesh Kumar N. D
Purushothama R
Dr. A. P. Mohan Kumar
Dr. R. Kavitha
Design 01.02.2024 406182-001/SW
42. AI Driven Capsicum harvesting device Er. Ravuri Sai Prasanth
Dr. A. Surendrakumar
Dr. R. Kavitha
Dr. K. Nagarajan
Dr. K. Venkatesan
Dr. R. Ravi Kumar
Design 01.02.2024 406215-001
43. AIP base- a comprehensive database on anti-inflammatory plants Dr.N. Bharathi
Kavinkumar N.K
Dr. M. M. Sudheer Mohammed
Pallavi Sukdev Mhaske
Copyright 08.02.2024 4362/2024-Co/SW