School of Finishing and Grooming

Providing necessary skills to the students to enhance their employment opportunities is also essential to the changing educational scenario. It is necessary in today’s competitive environment, where everything climbs from the simple to the magnificent with the addition of the Final Finishing Touch. The Finishing School is designed to provide students with modern industrial skills and current trades that don’t just focus here and now but also adhere to a long-term viewpoint. It is a step forward allowing an individual’s present skills sets to naturally manifest their internal and external characteristic qualities.

Finishing School uses a blended learning strategy to teach skills, combining traditional classroom instruction with satellite-enabled training, distance learning labs and online learning with simulations and projects. Our greatest strength is our ability to tailor the training to the specific needs of each client, both in terms of content and delivery style.

The possibility of offering a PG Diploma programme at TNAU is being considered to meet the goals.