Scientific Manuscript Editing & Publication Cell (SMEP)

To make PG students to write thesis which will be totally competitive and publish in the better journals it is necessary for the establishment of this wing which will undertake language editing and technical editing for the research papers prepared by the students for publication in peer reviewed journals.  A separate wing on Scientific Manuscript Editing & Publication Cell (SMEP) was established at the School of Post Graduate Studies.

And also, to improve the student thesis standard and to avoid duplication of research work, a centralized Anti-plagiarism check for post graduate students was introduced and this task was continued through Scientific Manuscript Editing and Publication (SMEP) Cell by “Turnitin i-thenticate Urkund” software’s. The maximum permissible level of plagiarism for the master’s and Doctoral students is 30%. If the similarity level is more than 30%, the students can re-submit their manuscripts to a maximum of four times. The students / faculty research articles can also be checked by using this software.

Anti - Plagiarism Check

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